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Microgaming is recognized for the huge collection of slot machines that they offer, and Double Magic is one of their classic titles. They have a lot of them in their collection, and unfortunately many of them follow the exact same recipe. Double Magic is one of those games, which has a classic look, but with a single special symbol that looks properly themed. The theme in this case seems to be related to lightning, as this is what we see in the background and in the main symbol. Its only feature is that wild symbol which can give you a multiplier for the lower prizes. Otherwise, it’s a 3 reel/1 win line game, with a $8,000 prize.

Betting and Prizes

Like plenty of other slot machines before it, Double Magic also needs only two coins at most for a wager. Only 1 line is used, so both coins are reserved for it. The coin value is set to $0.25 to $5 by the player, and based on the denomination and the number of the coins, you get a wager that is in the range of $0.25 to $10.

Rewards give you a prize of 1,600 coins if you happen to have used a 2 coin bet that round, or one of 800 coins if you had only 1 coin. With the biggest denomination of $5 selected, the most you can win is $8,000.

Double Magic Slot Features

The wild symbol is the one responsible for both the top jackpot and for the features available in Double Magic. Showing off the image of a blue star with lightning inside, the wild can take over the entire line by itself, in which case a prize of up to 1,600 coins will be awarded, meaning the top jackpot of this slot.

There are other situations where the wild can be useful though, when it appears together with matching regular symbols on the payline. If that happens, a single wild can apply a multiplier of 2x to the win. If a regular symbol is accompanied by two of these wilds on the line, the reward doubles once again, since both wilds have a multiplier. The total would be at 4x in that case.

Theme & Design

It’s one of the least fun classic slots that Microgaming offers. Since they’re all so similar, the theme and design make a big difference, and here we have just a blue sky with some badly designed lightning on it. The slot will give you that Lightning Star, followed by a red seven, a 3 Bar, 2 Bar, 1 Bar and the cherries.


Expect a disappointing experience from Double Magic if you want something that sets it apart. The game is the same as all the others, and it doesn’t even have a proper design to make up for it.