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Dragonz is the new game that Microgaming has announced for launch in November, and we already know how it looks like and what features it will have. The inspiration for Dragonz seems to come from baby dragons, four of them total and coming in different colors and sizes. Frost, Switch, Flint and Gobble will enchant the players of this slot machine, and will trigger different features for them during the free spins. Add some wilds and scatters to the list of symbols, and the game already looks great. The best payouts will go up to 1,000 coins for a combo. The slot has 5x3 reels and a fixed number of 243 ways to win.

Betting and Prizes

As with all slots that give you ways to win based systems, the betting will be made on a fixed number of pay lines. Apparently, it will be 40 lines that you will have to use here, so the minimum bet will be at $0.40. The maximum one will go considerably higher than that.

Games with ways to win tend to have smaller individual payouts, and Dragonz is no exception. You have a top jackpot of 1,000 coins to go after in this case.

Dragonz Slot Features

The wild symbol is always a nice feature to have in a slot machine, and in Dragonz it plays the usual role, of the substitute that has to land on the right reel in order to be part of a combo. With the ways to win, it’s not as important as on other occasions to have the wild in a certain position, it’s enough if the reel is the correct one. The WILD Logo was chosen to represent it, not a very original choice.

10 free spins can be won as well, as long as you get 3+ scatters during one of the regular spins. Dragonz online slot will select one of four types of free spins modes for you, but once you’ve triggered this feature 12 times, it will start giving you the option of which should start.

For each of the four free spins modes, there is a different dragon to help you out. Gobble for example is the green dragon, and it offers you winning wilds, which he spews on the slot’s reels, turns them sticky and they can bring you extra rounds. Flint, a red dragon, has the flaming wilds for you, and they will be randomly placed on the reels, up to 10 of them for one round. From Frost, the one colored in blue, expect to get frosty wild symbols, which are guaranteed to bring you a prize, or they don’t disappear. Switch is the dragon that is purple, and its wild feature brings you the possibility to collect non-paying wilds, and then to use them once you have at least three.

Theme & Design

It’s a good theme, at least if you look mostly at the dragon symbols and at the floating island view from behind the reels. Microgaming chose to use basic Royals as well though, and they’re not very impressive to look at.


Dragonz looks like a promising new slot machine from Microgaming, one which should be especially fun if you trigger its free spins.