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Drone Wars, despite its name, is not some modern game. It appears to be an older slot machine from Microgaming’s collection, a title which has a theme where you are a pilot that has to fight against the evil drones in space. The reward consists of intergalactic hordes of cash, and that’s how the game describes your goal, not me. The idea of a galactic war between humans and evil drones is a new one for a slot machine, I’ll give Microgaming that much. The actual implementation is not impressive, the slot looking like it has at least a decade since it was released, based on the design at least. The slot has free spins, bonus games and other interesting features. There are also 25 win lines and 5 reels inside, with the payouts reaching only $4,000.

Betting and Prizes

Drone Wars presents the player with 25 paylines that can be activated at will. You can also pick the number of coins that will be used for each line, between 1 and 20 offered in each case. You can have up to 500 coins in the maximum bet, but since denominations only go up to $0.20, the total value would be $100 at best.

Despite the $100 maximum bet, the game doesn’t pay that well. The best combo will offer 1,000x at best, so 20,000 coins or $4,000 cash.

Drone Wars Slot Features

Should you land a symbol which shows a sphere colored in pink and purple, you should know that it’s the wild symbol, which you can use to substitute for a regular icon, hopefully bringing you more wins and a better profit. It can also offer you prizes, in exchange for 2+ symbols forming their own combo on a line. It offers the 1,000x jackpot this way.

The Drone symbol will give you a similar payout, of up to 1,000x, and it also gives you access to the bonus game when there are at least 3+ on the payline. At this point, the choice you have to make is between the Space Attack and the Planetary Assault features.

If you go with the Space Attack, you have 5 free games that you can use, with additional wilds placed on the reels by drones.

Planetary Assault lets you attack the base of the evil drones. You pick the targets and the successful hits will result in additional lives or in prizes. If you manage to destroy the base before you remain without lives, you get an extra prize of 50x the bet.

Theme & Design

The theme is an unusual one, but interesting for fans of science fiction. The look is more like something you would find in a movie from the 90s, than something modern. You have those drones, the human pilots, various guns and a collection of futuristic looking poker cards.


Drone Wars might not have a great design, or a big payout for that matter, but it’s still an unusual find, which could prove interesting if you gave it a chance.