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Dubya Money has for you a slot machine which is themed around United State’s thirst for oil. It appears to be designed as a hit at former president George Bush, his image being used in the game, in cartoon form. I don’t usually see slot machines which appear to have a political message, but I expect that it will have its fans nonetheless. The type of game is close to a classic, but it’s not the kind of 3 reel slot machine that you expect, having more features, which include nudges and bonus games. Apparently, you can go after a payout of up to $5,000 if you wager on its 1 line.

Betting and Prizes

Microgaming makes use of its one payline by requiring that you wager with a single coin. There is no option to increase it to two or three coins, like it happens in other classic slots. You can only modify the value of the coin if you want to increase or decrease the wager. The range for that coin, and the bet, is between $0.10 and $10.

Given the use of only one coin, it’s easy enough to calculate how much money you can take home with the help of Dubya Money. There is a 500x prize involved, which should mean that you can take $5,000 cash from the slot.

Dubya Money Slot Features

While in the base game, the slot’s features include things like Nudges, the Skill Stop, Selecta or something called Spin a Win. You can get payouts or improved chances at bonus games with their help, and you can see them on the left side of the screen, on a wheel of fortune of sorts, which has the image of George Bush in the middle.

As for the bonus game, you get to it with the help of a trail, shown at the bottom of the reels, with 8 steps in it. Once you reach it, you get a new screen, with three slot machines of three reels each. You click on a Stop button, and you get one of the 5 mini games possible. Among them, there will be names like Oil Strike, Nudge Mania, Spin-A-Win, Win Again or Dubya Money. You get something different from each one, but the thing they have in common is that they offer you cash prizes.

Theme & Design

With cartoon images of James Bush, with barrels of oil, cowboy hats and the US flag present in the top jackpot symbol, there is no denying the political message that this slot machine has to give. You get a screen with a lot of things going on at once on it, with the three reels being surrounded by paytable info, the bonus game trail, logo and the Nudge wheel. The main symbols are themed, but the lower paying icons are classics, like the watermelon, the bells, cherries, plums, oranges and lemons.


Dubya Money sends a strong message, one with which plenty of people will agree with. Whether that’s enough to make it a favorite for those players, it depends on each of us. For a classic game, it’s not a bad one.