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EmotiCoins is a game that shows us that Microgaming wants to expand and get the attention of the younger generation. I’ve seen this in a couple of games from this developer and from others, a focus on things that people with a couple of more decades behind them might not understand. For EmotiCoins, the theme that they selected has to do with the emoji, the little figurines that people use when they communicate online or via mobile apps. As for the actual slot machine that sports this theme, you’re looking at a 5 reel layout, at 30 lines and at features that include wild symbols (both regular and sticky), scatters, free spins and something called a Wild Blast.

Betting and Prizes

You will not get the option to activate only some of the game’s lines. You always have 30, and so you need to have 30 coins in your wagers at all times. With coin denominations starting from $0.01, the smallest bet that the game allows requires an investment of $0.30. From there, you can increase the value of the line bet to an amount that you’re OK using in the long run.

EmotiCoins Slot Features

EmotiCoins has a couple of features inside that you get from most slot machines released these days, but there are also some that are a bit more unique, and actually bring some value to the table.

The wild symbols are the ones that seem to be most important here. You can get a couple of different ones, and they can be placed on the reels in different ways as well. As any wild symbol, it can be included in a new combination alongside regular symbols of the same type. The new combinations will pay based on the regular symbols that are in them, not on the wilds. Wild symbols may be used together with these regular symbols, but not with the scatters that trigger free spins. The wild is easy to spot, featuring an image with a Wild Logo.

Besides the regular wild symbols, which you see land on the reels, there is also a feature called Wild Blast, which can trigger randomly and which places as many as five such symbols on the reels. The odds of forming a new combination should go up considerably for that particular round.

The features don’t stop there though. You can also count on the free spins feature, the ones that are triggered through scatter symbols. The scatters sport the Free Spins logo on them. If you happen to get three such symbols, anywhere on the 5 reels, you can expect 10 free spins and a Sticky Wilds feature. The wild symbols that you get along the way are going to be locked in their position and kept there until you consume all free spins.

Theme & Design

The topic of choice for a slot machine like EmotiCoins is obvious, with the focus being on emoticon inspired symbols, at least the ones that pay more. The high paying symbols in this slot have images of smiley faces, with or without sunglasses, as well as emoticons that wink or put their tongue out. The Lol logo is in position as well. The lesser symbols get images of stock photo Royal cards, which you would’ve seen a lot of times before.

Overall, I liked the design of EmotiCoins, but it’s not the best looking slot machine in Microgaming’s collection, not even close.


You can expect a good experience from EmotiCoins, a slot machine which does well feature wise and which attempts to draw in a younger crowd than most titles that Microgaming offers.