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Fantastic 7's is one of the most classic experiences you could get from a slot machine. In this case, you have a Microgaming production and a very old one at that, at least that’s the impression that you get from it. The game offers only classic icons and it lacks any features whatsoever, so it might fail to impress a lot of players. There are many of these games out there, but some might try to improve things a bit, with a small feature or with some kind of theme. Not Fantastic 7s though, a slot machine which focuses only on the 7 symbol and on other similarly classic icons. It’s the kind of slot with 1 line on its 3 reels, which can pay up to $12,500.

Betting and Prizes

You might have only 1 line to use, so you can’t change that part of the wager, but there are three coins that can be used on it. Higher numbers of coins gets you bigger payouts, even with some bonuses in the case of the jackpot, so I’d recommend changing only the denomination, between $0.25 and $5, and otherwise keeping all three coins in the bet. You can spend at most $15 for a round of Fantastic 7s.

Should three coins be used in the bet, you can get 2,500 coins at most, meaning as much as $12,500. If only two coins are present, the same combo gives you only 1,000 coins, or $5,000. As you can see, for an increase of 50% in the wager, you get a top jackpot that is higher by 150%, so you have every reason to stick with three coins in your bets.

Fantastic 7's Slot Features

As I previously mentioned, Fantastic 7s aims to recreate the classic experience, which didn’t have any features in it, especially if we’re talking about the mechanical slots, the ones where introducing complications was not an easy task. It became easy with the digital slot machines that are used these days, but you will still find these so called classics in casinos, both online and offline.

Theme & Design

The design of Fantastic 7s leaves a bit to be desired, the action revolving around symbols which are all considered classics. With some lines in the background which are supposed to suggest the impression of 7s traveling at warp speed, the design is not a favorite of mine. The symbols used inside include two types of 7s, three types of Bar icons and the cherries.


You’re getting the classic experience from Fantastic 7s, the game being as simple as it can be. I’d only recommend it if you’re actually a fan of this type of basic experience.