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Floridita Fandango is a game that’s coming from Microgaming, and it’s a classic slot machine. It shouldn’t be a surprise if you’re familiar with this developer. They have their fair share of modern titles, but they also have a huge collection of 3 reel slot machines. In the case of Floridita Fandango, we seem to be getting a cocktail theme, one where some of the most important symbols will have images of such delicious beverages to represent them. Despite the interesting choice of theme, one with which many will agree with, the game doesn’t provide nearly as much fun as you might expect. It doesn’t have any features, and on its 3 reels you will discover the usual 1 payline. The big payout of Floridita Fandango is at $12,500.

Betting and Prizes

Floridita Fandango offers you 1 line, but like many other similar games it will allow for up to 3 coins to be used in the wager. Coin values will vary just like in its many brethren from Microgaming’s collection, starting from just $0.25, but being taken up to $5. You can have 3 coins of $5 in a bet, which would mean up to $15 used for just one round of the game.

The rewards offered by Floridita Fandango will depend only on the combinations that you form. You get at most 2,500 coins for the right combo, if you happened to use 3 coins in your bet that round. It could mean $12,500 cash. With 2 coins in the bet, it would be only 1,000 coins from the jackpot, or $5,000. A 1 coin wager would return to you up to 500 coins, or $2,500.

Floridita Fandango Slot Features

This is one of those games that will not give you much to work with. The feature list is empty, the game not offering even a simple wild, something that most 3 reel slots do include these days. What you seem to get from this slot machine is a prettier design than you normally expect to see in such a game, but with the typical lack of features which was common in slots from casinos a couple of decades ago.

Theme & Design

The design of Floridita Fandango looks better than the average one which you’d expect from a 3 reel title with no features in it. Though you still have the cherries and the three symbols with the Bar logo on them, there are also two high paying icons which have cocktails. The better paying one has the multi-colored umbrella and the orange slice. The second best symbol has a purple mini umbrella and a lime slice.


Floridita Fandango gives the player a good enough design, at least for such a slot machine, with typical payouts and features. It’s not that special, but if you enjoy this type of game, the theme and design might give it an edge over the less than impressive competition.