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Flo’s Diner, a classic game that’s been created by Microgaming, gives you a theme which is based on the American diner. It’s a classic experience in the United States and the slot machine which has been created around it will show you not only the attractive waitress, but also things like ice cream sundaes and donuts. I think that you will find it an interesting slot, even though it has no real features, something that plenty of other 3 reel / 1 line games have in common. The big payout which you can go after in Flo’s Diner is worth $12,000.

Betting and Prizes

A wager in a classic slot machine with 1 line will usually require 1 to 3 coins, to be used as the budget allows. Besides choosing the number of coins which are part of the bet, another option is to simply modify the denomination, which will reach a maximum of $5, starting from a minimum of $0.25. The betting range which results from this is between $0.25 and $15.

The game doesn’t give the player any bonuses if the bigger wagers are used, as the most you can take home is 800 coins for each coin that you wager. With 3 coins in the bet, it would be a reward of 2,400 coins, worth as much as $12,000.

Flo's Diner Slot Features

Even though it’s an unusual theme for a slot machine which has no features, that’s exactly what Flo’s Diner offers. You will get a slot machine which has only symbols that can form combinations, one of them paying even if you only have one or two present. It’s a scatter of sorts, but a very common one, even more common than the wild in 3 reel games.

There are no other features in the game. You don’t get wilds, regular scatters or multipliers, so it’s up to the theme to keep you entertained.

Theme & Design

The theme of Flo’s Diner is inspired by a classic American diner, one that is owned by someone named Flo apparently. You have a background image which shows you the checkered design of the diner’s floor, along with the waitress dressed in pink, carrying an Ice Cream Sundae to a client. Among the symbols most are themed, which is a pleasant surprise. You get Flo, the Sundae, Donuts and a Bar symbol, so only four symbols total.


Flo’s Diner will provide you with an interesting theme and design, but that’s about it. You pretty much need to already be a fan of this type of game, in order to enjoy it.