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A collaboration between Fantasma Games and Microgaming, Flower Fortunes is the first Megaways title that I’m seeing in their collection, and it’s obviously designed under license from Big Time Gaming, the inventors of this game mechanic. It’s a flowery slot, well enough designed, and capable of paying big.

In a game with Megaways, you’re never short of opportunities to win, and this is true of Flower Fortunes as well, since the slot has on its 6 reels as many as 531,441 ways to win. Winning big is not a problem, at least in terms of potential, since the slot is more than capable of returning your wager to you at a multiple of 18,480x ($184,800 top jackpot). When it comes to the slot’s features, they most revolve around the bonus game and the Level Up mechanic.

Betting and Prizes

You are able to set up a wager which begins from a minimum value of $0.50, and then you can increase it to a maximum value of $10. This is for all Megaways that are active that round, no matter if they’re 64 or 531,441 possible combinations.

As with all Megaways slots, the whole point here is that you have awesome potential, though it’s going to come at the cost of the game’s volatility, which will be High. The best rewards that the game can pay will reach 18,480x total stake, so you can get a jackpot of $184,800 while playing with a maximum bet.

RTP is announced at a 96% which is OK for a slot, an average figure these days. I have to mention though, that most Megaways slots will do a bit better RTP wise, with most being somewhere around 96.50%, so Flower Fortunes still loses some points here.

Flower Fortunes MegaWays Slot Features

The biggest feature of all is the Megaways system, which you can have in new winning combinations. The slot relies on a random number of symbols for each reel, so one round you might get only 2 on some of them, while others might have up to 5 (going up to 9 if you level up).

To level up in this game, and gain access to better game areas, you need to collect orbs, each one you get taking you up the meter by one position. On the other hand, when leafs appear the meter goes down by one, so it’s a constant movement that you will experience here.

You start at level 1, where you play on 6x5 reels and get at most 15,625 Megaways. The levels 2 through 5 will boost the number of rows, going to 6x6, 6x7, 6x8 and then 6x9, at which point you can have 531,441 Megaways. You also start getting additional features, which include Expanding Multiplier Wilds, Respins, Mystery Flower Bonus and an Avalanche Mode which has increasing multipliers.

It’s an exciting game, and it will make you work towards your goal, but at the same time it rewards you if you’ve played it and you advanced in level.

Theme & Design

The action of Flower Fortunes appears to take place in a magical world, with a bit of a fantasy style design being used for it. There are beautiful purple flowers in the area, huge ones that look almost out of place on the green fields shown next to the game area. The meter on which you advance looks like a stalk, or a tower almost, with a huge flower at the top. As symbols, the images you find are mostly gemstone like, so that part didn’t impress me at all.


Flower Fortunes Megaways looks very interesting, definitely a welcomed addition to the Megaways collection of slots, since it offers unique features and its own high potential of over 18,000x.