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Coming from Microgaming, Flying Ace is a slot that’s designed around the early fighter pilots, the ones that would’ve fought in World War I perhaps. You recognize these guys by the leather caps that they wore, a necessary piece of equipment since they were riding airplanes that had open cockpits. The game is a classic, even though it has this unusual theme, and it can only provide you with 3 reels and 5 lines. Expect to get a wild symbol out of it, as its only major feature. The big payout will put up to $30,000 in your pocket, provided that you land the right combo and on the right payline.

Betting and Prizes

Flying Ace has a total of 5 lines on which you can place a bet. You can use one coin for each line, where the coin value is another option that is left up to you. You can increase the line bet from the minimum of $0.25 up to a maximum of $5. If you have all 5 lines active, it could mean a total bet of $25.

The game’s rewards depend on the line on which your combo of three Pilots will land. Using the highest wager possible is important since the lines pay differently, as little as 1,000 coins on the 1st line, or as much as 6,000 coins on the 5th. The best payout, of 6,000 coins, can mean a maximum of $30,000.

Flying Ace Slot Features

Though it’s not necessarily expected, it’s always nice to see some kind of extra feature included in a classic slot machine. In this case, we get a wild symbol, and the one that represents it in the game is the Pilot icon. The Pilot will be useful enough already, since it can pay the big jackpot of 1,000 to 6,000 coins if it forms its own combo. It can’t hurt to have him present as a wild as well though, since you’re bound to get more prizes with its help, as it can substitute and take the place for another symbol which is needed for a new combination.

Theme & Design

The theme is based on the idea of a pilot from World War I, a time when military airplanes weren’t that advanced. Flying Ace slot shows us a top pilot of the time in the main role, using him as the wild symbol. The other symbols are part themed, including here the pin-up model, the A letter with a wing attached to it, or the three symbols with Bar logos.


Flying Ace slot gives you a good enough design, an unusual theme and at least one basic feature. All in all, I think it’s worthy of some attention from players of Microgaming classic slots.