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A 3 reel slot machine, Fortuna delivers 5 paylines on which you can form combinations and get rewards from. We have a Microgaming slot machine here, one which offers a luck related theme. Fortuna was the name of a Roman goddess, which was considered to be a patron of good fortune. Hopefully, all that good luck will rub out on the slot’s players as well. Still, you will discover that most of the slot’s graphics are classic ones, and I’m especially talking about symbols here. A simple wild feature is introduced, aiming to give Fortuna something extra to entice the players with. The big payout can reach a maximum value of $30,000.

Betting and Prizes

Given the number of paylines which are in use, 5 of them being activated by the player, you need a total of 5 coins to be in the wager of each spin. You can decrease the number of coins, but you will be getting smaller top prizes from the lower paylines. A coin can be valued anywhere between $0.25 and $5. Should you have all 5 coins in the bet, at top value, you can spend $25 per spin.

The reward you’re about to take home will depend on the combination that you are forming and on the payline on which it is present if we’re talking about the top jackpot. That jackpot is the only one to pay differently depending on the line it lands on. The smallest payout has 1,000 coins for you, on the 1st line. It goes up from there, reaching a maximum of 6,000 coins, or $30,000, on the 5th payline.

Fortuna Slot Features

As mentioned previously, a single major feature is introduced here, a wild symbol which is represented by the logo of Fortuna, placed on a gold coin apparently. Have three of these gold coins on one of the active lines, and a payout of 1,000 to 6,000 coins could be yours. The rest of the time, when you have just one or two gold coin symbols on a payline, they will act as substitutes and help you get another type of win formed. Wild symbols can replace any other icon in Fortuna casino game, without exceptions.

Theme & Design

I’d expect you to find Fortuna a rather average looking game normally, but if you’ve been a fan of Microgaming classic slots for some time you probably saw much worse than this. It’s a decent enough design, with a picture of Fortuna’s face behind the logo, while gold coins are the only symbols to be properly themed. The others are the typical cherries, Bars and 7s.


Give Fortuna a chance if you’re a big believer in the role of luck in slot machines, and maybe you will get some of the theme’s to rub off on you. Otherwise, it’s a pretty regular slot machine if you discount the theme choice.