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Free Spirit is one of the many titles released by Microgaming, which have a 3 reel layout, but it manages to make itself liked with the help of its design, its theme and even its features, that last one being a surprise since this is a classic title. The theme is based on the wild horses that are still present on the prairies of North America, considered by many to be great examples of what a free spirit should be like. The graphics of this slot machine, the wild symbol, the multipliers and the bonus game, all manage to form a rather interesting image. It is a 3 reel game, one which offers 1 payline and which can pay $25,000.

Betting and Prizes

With a wager which can only have 1 or 2 coins in it, Free Spirit can get to a maximum value of $10 if you select a denomination of $5 to use in it. The minimum value of a coin is $0.25, and that would be the smallest bet possible in the game as well.

As for the rewards which are possible in Free Spirit, they depend on the number of coins that you used in the bet, not just on the combinations that you formed. With three game logo symbols on the line, and a 2 coin bet, you can get back 5,000 coins, which could mean $25,000.

Wheel of Wealth Slot Features

The list of features in Free Spirit: Wheel of Wealth is not as short as in other games. First of all, there is a bonus game, and second you will find that a wild is also included, along with its multipliers.

The wild symbol, the one which uses the slot’s logo for its icon, will be used to form both its own combinations and to contribute to other regular ones. For its own combos, it can pay 2,000 coins or 5,000 coins, depending on the wager.

When it helps others, as a wild symbol, it applies a multiplier of 2x when a single symbol is included in the combo, or one at 4x when there are two of them to help out.

Finally, there is a bonus game inside, one which requires that you use a 2 coin wager in order to get it. If at that time you get a Wheel of Wealth symbol on the 3rd reel, you will trigger a feature where you can win up to 1,000 coins.

Theme & Design

Despite the clear classic influence over the game, Free Spirit does have an interesting look. It shows you a background with a heard of wild horses as they’re running, shown as silhouettes rather than detailed images. There are plenty of details in the design, to insure that you’re going to enjoy looking at this slot. The symbols give you logos, a horse, a silver 7 and three red bar icons.


Free Spirit slot is much more interesting than the usual Microgaming online slot, using high quality graphics and features to insure that even fans of modern games will want to give it a shot.