Fruit Fiesta 5-Reel Slot Review

Fruit Fiesta 5-Reel Slot Big Image

Fruit Fiesta, in its 5 reel version, continues to be a slot machine which is dedicated to the fruit theme, the one that you’re likely to find in lots of pub games. Sporting images of fruits like apples, lemons, pineapple, oranges and others, it seems to be a pretty regular game, the difference being that it’s a 5 reel title which sports these symbols, and not a 3 reel one. The game keeps the same progressive jackpot which was also available in the 3 reel version, but adds a couple of features, with wilds and scatters being both present here. You also have 15 paylines on the slot’s 5 reels, with the fixed prizes reaching $450.

Betting and Prizes

Even though the game has 15 lines, the maximum bets will have the same value as those from the game with 3 lines. You get smaller coins here, of only $0.05 and fixed at that value. You can use 15 coins to cover 15 lines, and the maximum bet will be worth $0.75

Since you’re not spending a lot of money, you can’t really expect to make a lot of them either. You have the option to win up to 9,000 coins through the regular combinations, which could mean at most $450 cash. You also have that progressive jackpot which you can land, capable of paying close to $100,000, though the average win for it is at around one quarter of that amount.

Fruit Fiesta 5-Reel Slot Features

Though the 5 Reel version has more features than the game with 3 reels, the difference is not that big. You get only a wild symbol and a scatter here.

The wild symbol is a simple enough variant of such a feature, capable of both replacing other symbols and of awarding its prizes directly. You can get paid well thanks to it, since when it forms a combination it will pay 9,000 coins. It’s more of a payment which gives you a good return on your investment, not necessarily a high value. Wilds can’t replace scatter icons.

There is a special circumstance, in which the game logo which acts as the wild can give you a progressive jackpot. If you get the five wilds together on one of the first 14 lines, they pay the 9,000 coins I mentioned before. If they appear on the 15th line, then you get a progressive jackpot instead.

One other symbol exists, the scatter which the game uses to pay you, nothing more. There are no free spins or bonus games triggered by it. You just get a payout of 4x, 40x or 400x the bet, if you have 3, 4 or 5 symbols.

Theme & Design

The graphics in Fruit Fiesta are not impressive, but they couldn’t really be described as such even if they did have a great design. They are based on fruit icons after all, which have been included in countless other slot games in the past. You’re getting a couple of logos for the main roles, but the others are all fruits, bells and 7s.


Fruit Fiesta 5-Reel gives you an interesting progressive jackpot, along with very low wagering requirements. It’s also a fruit themed game, so that might be a downside for some players.

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