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Part of the fruit themed slots which is offered by Microgaming, Fruit Slots is the kind of game that you expect to follow the lead of the old style titles as much as possible. That’s why all the symbols which you will find in this game are classic or fruits, and it’s also why you’re not going to get any features from it. This is one of those increasingly rare classic slots which have no features inside, not even basic wilds. It also has the standard combination of 3 reels & 1 payline. The most it can pay the player is $12,500.

Betting and Prizes

Expect a regular betting system from Fruit Slots, one which lets you choose how many coins are going to be used, but regardless of your choice, you will have only one payline to use them on. You get 1 to 3 coins for the bets, valued at $0.25 to $5 each one. That’s why the betting range can be between $0.25 and $15, depending on the number of coins used and on their denomination.

The game gives you a big bonus if the top jackpot combination is formed during a round which had a 3 coin wager. You can get 2,500 coins from it in that case, while with 2 coins the payout would’ve been at only 500 coins. It’s a very good reason to always wager the full number of coins, even if you have to decrease their value. With the coin value getting up to $5, you can win as much as $12,500 from this game.

Fruit Slots Features

If you’re used to modern games, you might find it hard to believe, but Fruit Slots doesn’t give you any features. You don’t even get a wild symbol from it, only regular icons which can form combinations if they happen to appear three times on the payline. Some symbols will pay for just one or two icons present, but most of them will require three in order to form a combo.

Theme & Design

With a theme which is fruit based, the game will only have for you images of symbols which are common in pub slots around the world. For the best paying symbol, the image used is one with multiple fruits placed together. The next symbols, in order, are the 3 Bar, 2Bar, 1 Bar, Melon, Plum, Orange, Lime and Cherries.


Given how average this game looks and feels, especially if you’ve played Microgaming classic slots before, I wouldn’t recommend you give it much of a chance, unless you really want to.