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Funhouse, one of many slot machines with classic layouts which can be found in Microgaming’s collection, will deliver you a circus themed game which includes some scary clowns alongside the pub slot style symbols. The game’s graphics do look slightly deranged, just like they should be since the slot machine is inspired by a circus. You have a crazy looking clown in the background, along with a few other themed and non-themed symbols. The slot delivers 5 paylines on just 3 reels, and the best ones can pay up to $25,000.

Betting and Prizes

The 5 coins which you can use in this bet can be modified, the wager requiring a minimum of 1 coin in order to give you a spin of the reels. The number of coins determines how many active lines you have, and it’s generally a good idea to use them all, in order to insure that a higher top jackpot can be won. Since coins have values which are between $0.25 and $5, you can wager up to $25 each round.

The rewards that are offered when you land a combo of three game logos will vary based on the line where they appear. The minimum payout, of 1,000 coins, is obtained on the 1st line. The best payout, of 5,000 coins, is offered for a 5th line combo. In the latter case, the maximum value of the jackpot can be at $25,000.

Funhouse Slot Features

The Funhouse Logo was selected by the developer to be the wild feature of the game. You can use it to both substitute for other symbols, so that combinations can be formed with a mix of wild and regular symbols in them, or you can simply get only wilds on a payline. In that last case, you will get paid very well for such a combo, so that’s the ultimate goal in this slot, to get three logos on one of the lines. Since top payouts vary based on the line where they form, ideally you would get those symbols on the 5th line.

When used as a wild, the logo will not do anything extra, so there are no multipliers to take advantage of in this game.

Theme & Design

There are only five symbols total in Funhouse slot, and two of them are appropriately themed. The game logo is first, with the bag of sweets being in second place. The low paying icons give you the Green 3 Bar, the Red 2 Bar and the Orange 1 Bar. The circus theme seems to be something new for this category, most slot machines having mostly fruits in them.


I think that Funhouse could be an OK choice, but only for those that love the circus. With the exception of its theme, the rest of it is a very regular 3 reel game.