Game of Thrones: Power Stacks Slot Review

Game of Thrones: Power Stacks Slot Big Image

Game of Thrones: Power Stacks is the latest branded game to be offered in the GoT universe, and once again we’re looking at a Microgaming release. It’s not their first branded game, but hopefully they are doing a much better job with this one, than with the first titles they had in the series. With progressive jackpots, actual photos of the actors from the movies, and several other surprises, there is every chance for this game to surprise people.

They designed a slot machine with 5x4 reels, so it’s going to be a big game area. The ultimate payouts are going to come from the Power Stacks system, which includes four progressive jackpots.

Betting and Prizes

The progressive jackpots of the Power Stacks network are the ones giving the player the best rewards here, or at least the top one will do that, as there are some smaller payouts as well.

Theme & Design

This is a branded game, which will offer the player a glimpse into the Game of Thrones universe. The previous games they had in this series didn’t get anything too advanced, only various logos of the houses. We get those house logos here as well, but only for the lowest value symbols. The high value ones will have images of the actual characters from the movie, and the actors that played them. It’s a much better proposition for a branded slot machine.


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