Germinator Slot Review

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Microgaming Germinator slot will be one of those games which is not trying to behave like others do. In Germinator, you’re getting not only a different layout, with 6 reels, but you also have a different way of forming combinations, by landing enough matching germs on the same row. The germ related theme used in this case looks appealing enough, mostly because the germs are done as characters, cute ones with eyes, a mouth and a silly expression on their faces. Scatters exist as well, as are bonus games which make the slot a bit more interesting. 6 reels and 12 lines are used by the game, with the prizes getting up to $120.

Betting and Prizes

The game’s 12 lines will require that you use 12 coins in your wagers, and that would be the part that is not negotiable. You can only modify what a coin will be worth, starting at $0.05 and taking it up to $2. The betting range of Germinator goes from $0.60 to $24 for a single spin.

You get paid based on the type of germ that forms a combination, and on the number that are present on that line. You can get up to 10 coins for a germ, and with 6 germs in a combo, you can win 60 coins at most, which will have a value of $120.

Germinator Slot Features

One of the major differences between this game and another would be the fact that it forms combinations in any position on a payline, as long as there are at least three. You can have up to six symbols in a combo. The paylines are 12 total, always active and arranged either horizontally or vertically (6 of each type).

As for the more regular features, there is a bonus game inside, one which you can use once you have a minimum of three medicine capsules present on the reels at the end of a spin, after all wins are awarded. The bonus game starts by asking you to take out one of the germs present on the reels. All germs of that type will be removed from the reels. Hopefully, you will get new wins to be awarded after that.

Theme & Design

Microgaming has gone for the cute angle here, and to be honest it worked well for them. You have five types of germs, colored in yellow, green, blue, red and orange. A sixth symbol exists, in the form of a medicine pill, a bonus game trigger. The square shaped game area has a 6x6 layout, with an equal number of columns and rows.


Germinator online slot will prove to be an interesting choice on the player’s part, a slot machine that gives you cute action and characters, along with an unusual way to play a slot machine.

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