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Gladiator slot, a game which was released by the guys from Microgaming, delivers to the player a theme that has been quite often a favorite of developers and movie studios alike, especially in the last decade or two. Thanks to movies like Gladiator, or the TV series Spartacus, people seem to have discovered Ancient Rome and its fighters. The game delivers just that kind of atmosphere, inspired by the look of people and objects during the Roman Empire. It seems to have wild symbols, scatters and a lot of free spins to give away. It’s also a slot with a lot of paylines, 50 of them on just 5 reels. The biggest prizes can get up to $25,000.

Betting and Prizes

Given that you have 50 lines in this game, if you want to have them all active you need to use at least 1 coin per line, or 50 total. You can take it much higher than that though, up to 10 coins per line being allowed, which would mean 500 total in the wager. The coin bet range reaches a maximum of $0.20, so you can spend $100 per spin.

The scatter symbol, with its offer to reward you with up to 250x the bet, will give the most in the game. You can win $25,000 from it, if you have the $100 bet during that round.

Gladiator Slot Features

A gold coin, marked Gladiator and showing two people on it, will be used by this slot machine to act as its wild. It appears to just act as a substitute, nothing else, so it will not form its own combinations. The gold coin can be used as a replacement for any other symbol, though only if it’s a regular one that’s trying to form a combo. Scatters don’t get any help from wilds.

Only one other feature is offered by the game, a scatter symbol which is responsible both for some very good prizes and for the free spins. Should you land a minimum of two of these Golden Eagle scatters, you can expect a good payout from the slot, especially if you have five of them. The jackpot of Gladiator, of 250x the bet, is offered this way.

The game has something even more appealing to give you if 3 or more scattered Golden Eagles are in place. That would be a round with 100 free spins, more than enough for you to gather huge payouts by the time they’re done.

Theme & Design

The slot has more of a painting like quality to it, the symbols being all themed, but with an oil painting look to its characters. Besides the two characters, gladiator and Roman woman, you have weapons, shields, coins, music instruments and big hunks of meat.


Gladiator slot might not have an original theme, or too many different features, but that round of 100 free spins is incredibly appealing to me.