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Goblins Gold is a slot machine which is dedicated to those ugly little creatures which fantasy themed movies and books have made so popular. The goblins live in caves and they seem to have a love of gold, the slot machine making sure to include all of these common things in its design. The game is a classic in pretty much every way, with the exception of the theme, and it has 3 reels, 3 lines and a wild symbol for its only feature. Expect to get paid at most $30,000 if you play this game with the highest wager.

Betting and Prizes

You need to cover 3 lines with your bets, that’s if you want as good a chance as possible to win big. You have 3 coins with which to work with, one for each line. The way to increase the bet here is mostly through the value of those coins, which will start at only $0.25, but can be taken up to $5. The betting range which results from this is between $0.25 and $15.

The use of 3 coins in your bets is important because the more lines are active, the bigger payouts are unlocked. For that one combo which has three goblins in it, the rewards will vary based on the line number. They are at 1,500 coins for the first line, at 3,000 coins for the second and at 6,000 coins for the third one. The most you can win is $30,000.

Goblins Gold Slot Features

The Goblin symbol is the only one to have an extra power in this slot machine. It will be used as a wild, so it will have the ability to take the place of other symbols. The requirement is that you land one or two wilds on the payline, so that it can be of help when combined with the symbol(s) from the other positions.

Whenever the line is completely occupied by Goblin wilds, they act as regular symbols instead, forming a combination and paying the jackpot.

Theme & Design

Goblins Gold slot offers a theme which is based on fantasy works, books being the ones that introduced the goblin creatures in the role of negative characters. Movies made them popular though, and I’m especially talking about the Lord of the Rings series, where they appear hidden in caves. That’s how they’re used in Goblins Gold as well, the background image being a cave, while the goblin appears among the symbols. The other symbols have bags of gold, a lantern and icons with one to three gold bars.


I’m not a fan of the design, a bit too dated unfortunately, but the look of those goblins will at least get a smile out of you. In pretty much every other way it’s a very regular type of 3 reel slot.