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Created by developers working for Microgaming, Gold Coast slot seems to be inspired by the tropical regions of Australia. Showing off a beautiful bay at sunset, with sail boats in the distance, with palm trees and beautiful red flowers nearby, it also has a definite focus on gold as a metal. The logo area and the background are the best things about its design though, as the rest of it is very much a classic game. You will have access to a single feature, a wild one, while the 3 reels give you 5 lines to bet on, with rewards returning to you up to $30,000.

Betting and Prizes

Gold Coast lets you choose how many lines you want active, but not which ones. The reason is that the higher paying jackpots come from the later lines, so if you want access to the full amount, you need to use as many of the 5 coins as possible. I’d recommend going with all 5, reducing the coin value from $5 to just $0.25 if you have a limited budget. At its maximum value, the bet will be worth $25.

The line which you get the best combo to form on will decide how much you get from it. With five lines in use, the game will offer as little as 1,000 coins (1st line), or as much as 6,000 coins (5th line). The biggest payout can be at $30,000, not a penny more.

Gold Coast Slot Features

The game relies on a single feature here, one which offers you the chance to land more winning combinations. The wild, because that’s the symbol that we’re talking about, has this ability, to replace another one, if it lands exactly on the payline which needs another icon. In the case of this game, the wild can replace any other symbol, without exceptions.

When you have three wild symbols arranged on the same line, you will get paid between 1,000 and 6,000 coins, depending on the exact line. You only get paid if the line is an active one.

Theme & Design

Gold Coast makes use of the yellow color quite a bit, and the gold part of the title is no accident. The prettier part is in the background, where you see the palm trees of the Gold Coast, along with a logo area which is colorful, mixing yellows and red. There is a small number of symbols, including a logo, a gold 7, a red flower and three Bars.


It’s the same classic experience that every other game will offer, the difference coming only from the theme, based on Australia’s gold coast.