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Golden Dragon slot presents you with a theme which is fairly popular these days, especially when it comes to dragons which sit on treasures. If you’ve read the book, or saw the movie “The Hobbit”, then you know about the dragon Smaug and the mountains of treasures on which he slept. Well, that’s exactly what you get in Golden Dragon, a creature sitting in a cavern filled with gold coins and gemstones. Though the theme is one that many of us will appreciate, this is a classic slot machine, so there aren’t a lot of appropriate symbols present. You get wild symbols only, and with their help you can get paid up to $25,000 by this game, which has 3 reels/5 lines.

Betting and Prizes

You may use a maximum of 5 coins in a bet, and that number will determine how many paylines will be used that spin. You may pick the coin value as well, as long as it is within the range of $0.25 - $5. Should 5 coins be part of the wager, their maximum total value will be $25.

Fans of these classic slot machines will know that in games like these it is a good idea to select as many coins as you can. You can have 5 coins in the wager, and you should use them all, since the top jackpot gets better on the later lines. It will be at 5,000 coins ($25,000) on the 5th line, but only at 1,000 coins ($5,000) on the 1st line.

Golden Dragon Slot Features

The Dragon’s image, one of the two themed symbols, is the one to have the biggest role in the game, by far. You get to use it to replace other symbols, to act as a wild, but first it needs to appear where it is needed, at a time where the other positions of the payline have regular symbols that match on them.

Should three Dragons take over an entire line, it means that you just got very lucky. Payouts as low as 1,000 coins, or as high as 5,000 coins can be won this way, depending on the exact payline.

Theme & Design

The Dragon theme in use here is one that many will associate with the Hobbit film or book, and for good reason. The image of a dragon that sits in a cavern and protects his treasures is a popular especially because of that book. The symbols include the Dragon, a shield with two crossed swords, plus three symbols with stacked Bar logos.


Golden Dragon has an interesting theme, I’ll give it that much. It is a very regular Microgaming video slot for a 3 reel title otherwise.