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Halloween is a title that for a slot machine is not necessarily common, but theme wise it’s what dozens and dozens of games are offering, and new ones keep getting released each year. The Halloween holiday gets this time a slot machine that’s branded and inspired by the similarly named 1978 film, with images of the actors being shown in many of the high paying symbols. The game’s offering some unique features, despite the dated design style that is employed, using things like Wandering Wheels, wild symbols, scatters, free spins, Trick or Treat Wheels and a Boogeyman Bonus. The game gets 5 reels, a total of 50 fixed lines, but the size of the columns varies thanks to one of the major features.

Betting and Prizes

You should expect to have 50 active lines during each round, with wagers starting at $0.50 and going up from there. You can increase the bet in two ways, either by changing how many coins are selected for a line, or by doing the same with their denomination.

I’ve noticed some decent top payouts being advertised, the biggest ones appearing to come through the bonus features, specifically through the Boogeyman Bonus, which promises rewards of up to 290x the total wager of the spin.

Halloween Slot Features

One thing that will influence the way that you’re playing Halloween is the Wandering Wheels. The five reels used in the game have two possible sizes, with 3 or 4 symbols on the columns. Each round, the Wandering Wheels will select three consecutive reels to add an extra symbol to, making them bigger. You might get the last three reels one spin and the first three the next one.

A wild symbol is among the selected features in Halloween. It can be used like in pretty much any other slot that has it, as a replacement that’s combined with regular symbols and ends up forming combinations so that you can get paid. Also as usual, wilds are not allowed to act as substitutes for any of the scatters available inside.

The symbols that can take you to the feature called Trick or Treat Wheel are scatters, and they have as images orange and yellow colored wheels, with the Bonus Logo in the middle. The requirement seems to be related to the number of Bonus Wheels that are visible on the reels. These can appear on all five columns, but you need just three or more to get the feature to trigger, with 3 or more spins of the wheel.

The next screen will show you the said Trick or Treat Wheel, with values and actors shown on its slices. You might get a spin where you win a cash prize, paying as much as 10x the total bet, or you might get into one of the features associated with the film’s actors.

The Boogeyman Bonus, if triggered, seems to have the slot’s biggest rewards to give away, with 290x the wager being a possibility.

The game’s going to offer free spins as well, with rounds where four of the actors can act as massive symbols that can occupy three large wheels, of four symbols each.

Theme & Design

The theme is perfect for the actual Halloween holiday, especially since it’s inspired by a film from 1978 that was scary and well enough made to win a lot of fans over the years. You can see the major actors from the film among the symbols, along with objects from it (revolvers, masks, etc).


Halloween is going to be the must play title once the scariest holiday of the year comes around, and you can thank Microgaming for its release.