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Heavy Metal, though it sounds like a rock themed online slot, will instead give you some sort of spy related action. The game is a classic though, a slot with fewer reels than average and with even fewer lines. You will encounter a lady secret agent, dressed in a body suit and holding a handgun. There are metallic looking classic icons, some of them designed to look like bullets. The game has no features to give you, despite its rather modern choice of theme. You work with 3 lines, 3 reels and with a chance to win a prize of $20,000.

Betting and Prizes

The betting in Heavy Metal seems to be the standard one, which you expect to have in a slot machine with just 3 lines. You can use only 3 coins to get those lines active, though you can just go with one or two, not all of them. Your coins will be worth somewhere in the range of $0.25 to $5, a choice left up to you. You can wager with $15 per spin, at most.

The jackpot will vary its value based on the line on which the combination will form. The 3rd line is the one you should try to get, by using the maximum number of coins so that it’s active. You get 4,000 coins from that line, so up to $20,000. The 2nd line pays 2,000 coins, or $10,000. The third line will only give you 1,000 coins, so it’s the smallest possible jackpot, at $5,000.

Heavy Metal Slot Features

The game delivers no features to the player. You are only allowed to form a combination with matching symbols, but there is no help from wilds, no multipliers to improve the prizes which are awarded. You can sometimes form combinations from multiple types of different Bar Bullets, or through spies and 7s on the same line, but that’s not really a feature.

Theme & Design

Heavy Metal Microagming slot has a more metallic look to it than you’d expect. You might figure that it’s a rock themed slot, thanks to its name, but the spy bit seems to be more important. You have a logo colored in gray, white and red, with the green haired spy next to it. The reels get symbols with the spy, a metallic 7, plus three symbols with 1, 2 or 3 stacked Bullets.


Go with Heavy Metal if you’re looking for an interesting classic title, especially if you’re a fan of games that have no features to give you.