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The basis for Highlander comes from a 1980s film that became a cult classic and which influenced the appearance of a TV series as well. Microgaming is the one that obtained the rights to use this movie as inspiration for a slot machine, and they plan on releasing the game in December 2017.

In Highlander, the developer chose to rely on 5 reels which are populated with 243 ways to win. The slot is apparently going to offer payouts of up to 1,500x and it will have as features free spins, scatters or wilds.

Betting and Prizes

The game will apparently have ways to win, but as expected the actual bets will still rely on regular paylines. You will have 30 coins that you will use for each round, but you will be responsible for setting up their denomination, and that’s why the wagers end up valued in the range of $0.30 to $30. The line bet’s value should vary between $0.01 and $1.

In terms of average RTP or value of the top jackpot, I wouldn’t expect anything spectacular, since it’s just not something that Microgaming has in its regular slot machines. The jackpot will be at 1,500x, which is a decent amount to get in a game with combinations forming through ways to win. As a Microgaming slot machine, the RTP should end up somewhere near 96%, which is a good percentage to work with.


When you’re checking out the features available in Highlander, one of the first ones that will get your attention will be the wild symbols. The logo of the game is the one that’s shown in this case, and the symbol will be usable in combination with regular icons and together they will be able to bring you wins which wouldn’t be possible normally. The scatter is the only one that can’t use the wild’s help.

The Highlander Watcher was chosen to act as a scatter, and if you happen to get two of these on the reels, then the scatters are going to be turned into wilds for that particular round.

Ideally, you will have a minimum of three Watchers though, since the free spins are activated that way. The location changes to New York City, and then you have 10 free spins to go through. There are additional features inside, called Quickening Wilds, which will simply turn regular icons into wild ones when the lighting strikes. With each new Quickening, the number of wilds placed on the reels is increased. Sadly, there is no option to retrigger free spins.

The game doesn’t appear to be too generous with its features, though it offers a couple of decent ones, and with improvements made to the way they usually work.

Theme & Design

The theme is based on a very popular film from the 80s, which has also been turned into a TV series soon after. The action revolves around immortals, humans that have lived for hundreds or thousands of years and which are fighting among themselves for a chance to become stronger and remain the last one standing. The game’s symbols will show off some of the actors from the film, along with logos, swords and poker card logos of questionable quality.


Highlander ends up being an OK slot machine, but I expected more from a title that Microgaming has had to buy the rights for.