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By Microgaming

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HipHopopotamus, a slot with an unusual name, was designed by Microgaming. It delivers a certain type of classic experience, one which gets a lot more modern features in it than you’d expect from a 3 reel game. The theme is a weird one, but funny at the same time, the action revolving around a hip hop playing hippo. You get a very busy design, along with bonus games and nudges for its features. The slot has the normal 3 reels and 1 line though, while payouts get up to $5,000.

Betting and Prizes

You can use 1 coin for all your bets. That part of the wager is not negotiable, but you do have the option of working with the coin value as you need to. That part of the wager starts at $0.01 and goes to $10. That coin value is also the total bet.

The rewards that you can get from HipHopopotamus will reach 500x, which can mean $5,000 cash.

HipHopopotamus Slot Features

One type of feature which you can sometimes find in these games will give you nudges, to use on the payline, moving visible symbols in positions from where they can be of use to you, in forming some new combination. Nudges can be won during the bonus feature.

The bonus game starts up when you get through the 8 steps of the bonus trail, located at the bottom of the reels. Once you get into the bonus game, you will find inside a board game style feature, which asks you to play a Hi Lo game. You have to guess whether the next number shown will be smaller or bigger than the one currently displayed. With each correct guess you advance on a board, winning cash prizes, nudges, win spins and various bonus games (Bust a Hippo, Funk You Up, Rapper’s Delight, etc).

Since win spins are offered during the bonus game, up to 15 of them, it seems that free spins are also part of the slot. These win spins have guaranteed prizes for you.

Theme & Design

The design of the game is quite funny, the idea of a purple hippo dressed as a hip hop artist being enough to get a smile out of most players. You will find city related imagery in the background, the character dressed the part and wearing lots of bling. The symbols have the hippo, bling, microphones, a boom box, shoes, color sprays, diamond 7s and Bars.


HipHopopotamus is not an unusual type of slot for Microgaming, but its theme is rather unique in its category, so it might be a reason to try the slot out.