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Isis is a game that’s inspired by Ancient Egypt, a slot that has a rather unfortunate name these days, given the events in the Middle East and around the world. The inspiration comes from a goddess of the Egyptians which had that particular name and which was represented as a woman that wore a headdress and held an Ankh cross in her hand. She was the ideal wife and mother apparently, a patron of magic and nature, also the goddess of children and protector of those that died. Features include wild symbols, their multipliers, scatters and free spins. The game that Microgaming proposes here offers 5 reels, 25 win lines and payouts of $25,000.

Betting and Prizes

Isiscan have a maximum of 25 lines active. You are allowed to decide how many you use, while also picking the number of coins that the active lines will get as their wagers. You have 10 coins for each line, the total getting up to 250 coins. The denomination can reach a maximum of $0.25, so the bet can’t get past the $62.50 limit.

The big reward appears to come from the scatter, the symbol paying up to 600x the total bet, so up to $37,500. The next best thing is offered by the wild, which at 10,000x gives you $25,000.

Isis Slot Features

The image of Isis, shown as a beautiful woman with a headdress on her head, is going to be used whenever the wild symbol makes an appearance. When this symbol manages to help out by substituting for another, the payout offered by the new combination will be doubled. There is also the possibility that you will form a combination out of wilds alone, in which case prizes of 10,000x are possible with the right number of symbols in place.

The other symbol, showing you the falcon that represents Horus, is the scatter of the slot. You use this symbol from the random positions it happens to land in, the requirement for it being just that it is present. You get paid very well when you have all five Horus symbols present, up to 600x the bet, but some kind of reward can be obtained with as few as two symbols.

The number of triggering Horus scatters also decides what kind of feature you get. 20, 25 or 30 free spins are offered, with all wins being multiplied by 6x.

Theme & Design

Isis slot should be a decent experience as far as Ancient Egypt slot machines go, the theme being common, but well designed anyway. It also has its own angle and focus on one of the gods of that civilization, most slots going with a more general look. The symbols include Isis, Horus, Eye of Ra, Ankh, lotus flowers and canopic jars. Poker cards are present also.


Isis will offer us a proper experience, but one that is not very different from other Microgaming online slots. Given the big payouts and the multipliers which improve them further, one can’t really argue much though.