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Jack in the Box seems to be based on the idea of the toy which lets a joker character out, scaring the person that opens the box. The game is actually a classic, a slot machine which has limited reels and lines, but does better than average when it comes to features. It’s one of the many such games to come out of Microgaming and as features it has a wild with a multiplier. 3 reels & 1 win line are in use, with the payouts getting to $25,000.

Betting and Prizes

Placing a bet in Jack in the Box requires that you use 1 or 2 coins, while also picking what their denomination should be. You can spend $0.25 to $5 per coin, so the maximum bet will reach a value of $10.

The top reward in this game will be at 5,000 coins for a 2 coin wager, or at 2,000 coins for 1 coin. The value of the reward for the use of 2 coins is clearly much better, even giving you a bonus. The most you can win in this game is $25,000.

Jack in the Box Slot Features

As features go, the wild symbol with the multiplier is not the most original one that you can get from a slot machine, but I wouldn’t discount it either. You have a wild symbol that is represented by the image of the Joker that pops out of the box. Should three such icons take over the payline, you can win the slot’s top jackpot from them.

Whenever a single Jack in the Box icon appears on the payline, while the other two positions have matching regular symbols, the wild will substitute for the third one that is missing, so that you can form a combination. It will also double the win value.

If two wilds happen to assist with the formation of the new combo, there will be a 4x multiplier in place, applied to the win.

Theme & Design

The theme is inspired by the popular children’s toy, the one which inspires either disappointment or laughter. You have the symbol with Jack in the main role, followed by the box which has 7s on its sides, by the red 3 Bar, the yellow 2 Bar, the blue 1 Bar and the Cherries. The game has a background which comes in green, with diamond patterns on it. It’s not exactly an impressive sight, but the game does have its moments.


Jack in the Box slot delivers a unique theme, but the gameplay is by no means unusual. The features are found in plenty of classic slots, and the symbols and payouts are normal for such a game.