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Jackpot Express might be a classic slot, but besides having a rather boring layout and set of features, you will also discover that it comes with a theme that you’re not likely to find in another 3 reel game. The slot is inspired by steam trains, and the game shows you such a locomotive that pulls a wagon that is filled with gold coins. The name Jackpot Express is rather accurately described with that image. The Wagon is actually one of the major symbols, the wild feature. You’re using 5 lines in this game, placed on 3 reels. The slot’s top jackpot is worth $25,000.

Betting and Prizes

You get as many coins to use, as you want active paylines for your spin. You can have a maximum of 5 lines that you activate with your wager, though just as easily you can use fewer. The value of one coin starts at $0.25 and can go up to $5, so with 5 coins in the bet you can wager up to $25.

Just how much you win from this slot machine will depend on the payline on which you got the combination of three Wagons. You need to wager with more coins in order to activate the higher lines, the ones which have the better payouts. The same combo will pay anywhere between 1,000 and 5,000 coins, depending on the line on which you got the symbols. The maximum value for 5,000 coins would be $25,000.

Jackpot Express Slot Features

A single feature is introduced by the developer in this slot machine. It’s the wild symbol, the most popular feature of all, which you see even in most classic slot machines these days, as Jackpot Express demonstrates. You can use the wild symbol to substitute for any other symbol, without exceptions in this case. The wild only helps you if the symbol is on a line and if the other positions are either wilds or matching regular symbols.

When you have three wilds on one of the lines, the game will deliver a jackpot, whose value will be chosen based on your wager and on the line on which this happened.

Theme & Design

The steam train inspired theme is mostly visible if you look at the background image. You see the ground, with the train track on it, plus a steam locomotive which is pulling a wagon that has gold coins in it, so many of them that they’re falling over the side. The reels are white, while symbols which appear on them get three types of Bar logos, the red 7, plus the coin filled wagon.


Jackpot Express slot delivers a unique theme, but that is its only advantage. In all other ways, it’s the same as any other classic slot machine.