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Jester’s Jackpot slot has a theme that is based on jesters, on the jokers that are so often part of slot machines. The game is also a classic, but not one that you will want to stay away from. It actually manages to put forward a decent design, one which relies on the jester’s hat, but just as much works with regular classic symbols to include them. The game has no regular features that you can go after, being a very typical classic slot in that regard. You’re going to play with 3 reels and only 1 line, while going after a top payout of 2,400 coins, or $12,000.

Betting and Prizes

The wagers that you are allowed to use in Jester’s Jackpot appear to be requiring 1 to 3 coins, depending on the kind of bet you want to use. The value of the coins is another matter which is left up to the player to decide, and he can go with a denomination which starts at $0.25 and can reach a top value of $5. Should you use all the coins and at their maximum value, you will end up with a wager of $15.

The value of the prizes depends on the number of coins that you used, and on their value of course. With a 3 coin bet, the best payout which comes out of this game is at 2,400 coins, which could mean $12,000. The 2 coin bet pays 1,600 coins, or $8,000. The 1 coin wager will give you only 800 coins in the best case scenario, meaning $4,000 at most.

Jester's Jackpot Slot Features

True classic slot machines have no features, and Jester’s Jackpot appears to be just that kind of game, even though it has a better than average design. You’re not going to encounter any wild symbols here, but you will get a chance to get paid with just one or two Cherry icons, or with a mix of any kind of Bar symbols.

Theme & Design

The theme of the slot is, as you might’ve guessed, related to court jesters, the buffoons that entertained royalty back in the Middle Ages. The hat of a jester is in the main role, the symbol which pays the best amount. It is also visible in the logo area, a green hat with bells on its tips. The Jester’s Hat is the first symbol, the one that pays the most, followed by the game logo, by the Cherries and by the Bar symbols.


Jester’s Jackpot gives you a classic experience, with no features and typical payouts, but also manages to include a better design than you might be used to seeing in these games.