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Microgaming gives us in Jewel Thief slot which comes with a classic influence, being a 3 reel title. It is also a slot machine which is themed around jewelry robberies, something that modern slot machines tend to do quite often. It’s less competition for it in the classic slot category though. The design of Jewel Thief is not particularly impressive, but the game does include multiple themed symbols on its reels. There is even a wild symbol, the most basic of features that a classic slot will often include. The 3 reels host 3 paylines on them, and they can pay anywhere between $7,500 and $30,000 when it comes to the jackpot combo.

Betting and Prizes

Since the game comes with 3 paylines, it will be the kind of Microgaming online slot where you need as many coins as lines that you want active. The next step to take is to choose a coin value, to use for all the coins of that round’s wager. The smallest coin value you can choose is going to be worth $0.25, while the highest one can be taken to $5. Should three coins be in the wager, their total value can’t surpass $15.

As is often the case in slots with more than 1 line, the amount you can win from the top jackpot combo depends on the line on which it forms. Should the 1st line get it, it will be a prize of 1,500 coins, or $7,500. The 2nd line can pay double that amount, 3,000 coins, meaning $15,000. The 3rd line is the one that gives the biggest jackpot, of 6,000 coins, or $30,000.

Jewel Thief Slot Features

A single feature is part of Jewel Thief, a symbol that has the power to take the place of any other icon in this game. All you need is for a payline to have one or two wilds, while the other positions on it are occupied by matching icons. That same icon, when occupying all three positions of a payline, will give you the top jackpot.

Theme & Design

Jewel Thief is said to be inspired by a jewel heist, but as usual, there will be a bunch of classic icons on those reels as well. The themed symbols will give you the game logo in the main role, followed by the Diamond symbol, the Safe Lock, and then we go to the three Bar symbols, with 1 to 3 stacked logos in them.


Jewel Thief doesn’t give you much to be excited about, nothing that you can’t find in another 3 reel slot machine. That jewel thief theme is the one thing that makes it special.