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Joker 8000 is a Microgaming game that appears to mimic the look of a classic pub slot. You see this slot machine as it stands on the floor of some top casino, with other machines next to it and in the background image. You have a Joker theme in use here by the looks of it, using images of the Jokers and of Crowns, just as there are fruits among the symbols. The game doesn’t seem to have any regular features inside, but there are some interesting icons in there, which mostly give you prizes. The best prizes one can expect from Joker 8000 will reach $80,000. The slot gets 3 reels, on them being 5 lines.

Betting and Prizes

You’re using 5 lines in this Microgaming online slot, and you may use coins on them which get to values of up to $10. You can have as many as 10 coins in use each round, which should mean that bets of up to $100 are possible. The minimum value of a coin is set to $0.10, so the game has its cheap side for those with low budgets.

The rewards tend to be quite good, better than in the usual slot machine actually. You can get up to 8,000x back from the game, provided that the wager is high enough. You can get paid $80,000 this way.

Joker 8000 Slot Features

The game doesn’t seem to have any truly interesting features. But there is a Joker symbol which can award a mystery win, which varies between 20x and 8,000x, if it appears just two times on a line. Should the Joker make appearances in three positions, then you’re guaranteed to win 8,000x, as long as you had 10 coins in the bet. The wager would be at only 500x if the wager had 2 coins, so there is a bonus prize in there, for players that wager big.

Theme & Design

The slot’s design is a pleasant one, despite the fact that it’s more of a classic than other games are. The look is that of a pub slot, with a metallic casing surrounding the game area. Outside that casing, you see the casino floor and a few other slots which are waiting for their players. The symbols used by the game mix the two sides, using cherries, lemons, melons and Bar icons on one side, with Crowns and Jokers on the other.


Joker 8000 is designed with certain players in mind, those that love the classic experience and are not looking forward to being dazed by too many features.