Lock-A-Luck Slot Review

Lock-A-Luck Slot Big Image

Microgaming has a new slot machine to offer us, and it’s called Lock-A-Luck. The independent studio that they collaborated with for this slot is called All41 Studios, a company that also worked on La Kaffee Bar or Magic of Sahara. They came up with a game that is very similar to NetEnt’s Twin Spin slot, using a classic theme and medium volatility.

As for the type of experience available, we can describe it through the slot’s specs, ranging from its 5 reels & 243 ways to win, to the top prize of 1,333x total stake ($80,000 cash at most), or the 96.37% RTP. The Locked Reels, sometimes with their ability to expand, will provide with about the only excitement that the game can deliver.

Betting and Prizes

There are 20 coins in the wagers you’re using in Lock-A-Luck. As you modify the total bet for the next round, you automatically take the coin value from the minimum of $0.01, to as much as $3. This allows you to spend between $0.20 and $60, all for a single spin.

While some winning combinations that you can form in Lock-A-Luck will pay as much as 50x total stake, when you look at the slot’s top payout, it will only reach 1,333x total stake, or up to $80,000. That kind of return is actually better than what we find in a lot of other titles released by Microgaming, so it’s an improvement.

Apparently, it’s considered a game with Medium volatility, so the game’s going to have its share of risk attached. At the same time, you don’t risk as much as in slots with much bigger payouts and increased volatility.

One figure which can tell us how the game will fare, over millions or billions of spins, is the Return to Player percentage. It’s calculated to be 96.37% long-term, so it’s considered a fair slot machine in that regard.

Lock-A-Luck Slot Features

Don’t expect any of the common features to make an appearance in this slot. Even the most popular feature symbol of all, the wild, will not be used for Lock-A-Luck. The same is true for scatters, free spins or bonus games, none of them are included.

There is one feature that is part of Lock-A-Luck, and that’s the Locked Reels. Every single round, you start off with two adjacent reels, which are chosen from the five reels shown. You can get the first two, middle two, the last two, or any other similar combo of adjacent reels. For those reels, the symbols found in the same positions will be the same (if the first symbol is a Horseshoe, the first one from the other reel is the same, etc).

Once the spin starts, the two Locked Reels may expand to additional columns, and you could potentially even get all five reels covered at that point.

Theme & Design

Lock-A-Luck gives us the classic theme, using a mix of older symbols and Royals. None of these are particularly exciting, but I found the former to at least be better designed than in a lot of other slots. You will find the Diamond in the role of the jackpot trigger, with other symbols showing Sevens, Golden Horseshoes, Four-leaf Clovers, Cherries and Royals. Overall, it’s a simple design, nothing that will add to the experience and make people want to try it out.


Lock-A-Luck is a simple enough game, a slot machine that offers the same experience that NetEnt’s Twin Spin gave us so far. It’s got the right RTP, but only average payouts and medium volatility.

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