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Anastasia, The Lost Princess that the game refers to, was one of the daughters of The Romanov family, of Tsar Nicholas II, which was taken down from his position of power, and him and his entire family were killed in 1918 by the communists. Rumors have long held that Anastasia survived the execution of the rest of her family, and there was even an animation film done based on her story, a Disney title. There is a certain fairytale like quality to the slot that we’re looking at here, with Anastasia being among the symbols, along with her father. The game holds 25 win lines and the prizes that can be won inside will go up to $4,000.

Betting and Prizes

A very limited range exists for the coin value, the game allowing it to start at $0.01 and to go up to $0.10. You can have 20 coins in a single line bet though, so you can still reach a value of $2 this way. Should all 25 lines be used, the bet could get up to $50.

The big reward offered in Anastasia seems to give you back 2,000x the line bet, which could turn into 40,000 coins in this game, but only in $4,000 cash.

The Lost Princess Slot Features

The way it happens in many other slots, only two symbols have been used in this slot machine, for feature purposes at least. We have the Wild Logo on one side, and the Bonus Crown on the other.

The wild is going to act as a replacement for other symbols, trying to help them form a combo. Combinations can pay either with matching symbols only, or they can combine wilds and matching regular symbols, depending on what is present on that line.

The Crown of the Tzar is displayed in the other feature symbol, which as you might expect is used from a scattered position. The game only asks that you have a minimum of three Crowns present, and that should be sufficient to both get you paid (50x total bet at most) and to trigger 5 free spins.

The free spins will get random wilds added to the reels after each round, hopefully increasing the number of winning combinations for it. You can land 3+ Crowns again, and you would be retriggering the free spins with another 5 rounds.

Theme & Design

The fairytale look that I mentioned is there and it’s unmistakable. You could build a Disney movie around this slot machine, it looks that good. There are decorations made out of ice all around, there are fireworks in the sky, and then you have the reels and the symbols. The poker cards, which are nicely decorated themselves, are accompanied by images with Faberge eggs and gold crowns, with logos and with three main characters from the story. There is Anastasia, there is her father, the tzar, and then there is the evil Rasputin.


The Lost Princess: Anastasia slot will be easy on the eyes, it has a great design after all, but its prizes are not high enough.