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Lost Vegas is a online slot where the action takes place in the City of Sin, in Las Vegas, but the twist is that it all happens during a zombie outbreak. The game splits the action in half, allowing you to side with the survivors or with the zombies. Two different sets of symbols are used for this purpose, along with some features that are common, while others are different based on the mode that you’re in. The slot has inside free spins, scatter symbols, wilds, a Blackout Bonus and the Zombie Fist of Cash. 5 reels are available, with 243 ways to win, while their prizes can get up to $11,250.

Betting and Prizes

The way it always happens, the ways to win have been replaced with a fixed number of lines, to make it easier to place a bet. There are 30 of these lines used, and for each one you’re allowed to pick the number of coins, between 1 and 15, along with their denomination, which will get up to $0.50. Wagers of up to $7.50 are possible on a single line, with 30 lines requiring up to $225.

The best payout is the one that comes from five scatter symbols, the payment going up to 50x total bet, or $11,250. Wild symbols can pay $2,250 with their combinations.

Lost Vegas Slot Features

First of all, you will notice in the top right corner that there is a button which allows you to play as the Survivors or as the Zombies. The game offers a different group of characters for each one, along with a couple of features that are a bit different, the free spins being the ones that are that way.

You trigger those free spins when 3+ scattered Biohazard Signs are on the reels. There will be prizes which go up to 50 times the wager, but there will also be free spins offered.

The Survivors will bring you free spins which have a Stash feature, with the poker card icons being removed from the reels when they land, an action that will bring you cash to a stash. You get the cash from that stash once the free spins are over. You keep playing for as long as you have no more poker cards appearing.

The Zombies have their own version for the free spins, the extra feature being the Infection. Stacks of zombie symbols will appear and infect the reels. The reels which are infected will turn regular wilds into stacked wild. When all reels have been infected, the feature ends. A maximum of 50 free spins can be had this way, and if you get through all of them there will be a prize at the end.

The Blackout Bonus is delivered at random, and it will give you prizes in exchange for all high symbols.

With Zombie Fist of Cash, another random feature, you get a fish coming out from below with prizes for you.

The final feature is the wild, the symbol behaving exactly as you’d expect, as a replacement and as a way to form its own combinations as well.

Theme & Design

It’s a design that you’re likely to enjoy, with graphics of the highest quality being employed in it. Depending on the side that you’re playing as, you get the streets of Las Vegas or a casino in the background. Each character symbol has an equivalent on the other side, but the poker icons are identical.


Lost Vegas is one of the more fun to play games that I’ve seen come out of Microgaming lately, and if you’re a fan of zombie movies then I’m sure you will love this slot and its many features.