Lotsaloot 3-Reel Slot Review

Lotsaloot 3-Reel Slot Big Image

Lotsaloot is a Microgaming slot, one of the two titles to have this name. The difference is in the number of paylines which are offered, as well as the reels. Here, we have the game with 3 reels, and just like its bigger brother it will come with some basic features (wilds with multipliers) and with a progressive jackpot, which seems to be its biggest advantage. The slot delivers 5 lines and 3 reels to host them. You get fixed payouts as well, going up to $1,250.

Betting and Prizes

The game doesn’t let you change what the coins are worth, they will always be at $0.50. The only thing that is under your control is the number of coins used and lines active. You can have 1 to 5 lines in the game, with 1 to 5 coins required to cover them. The wager will vary between $0.50 and $2.50.

The ideal prize to go after is the progressive jackpot, which in the past has been won at an average value of about $21,000. There are fixed payouts as well, which can go up to $1,250.

Lotsaloot 3-Reel Slot Features

The slot’s most impressive feature would be the progressive jackpot that you can pursue while you play it. You need the slot’s wild symbol to appear in all the positions of a payline in order to get a good prize. If it’s on the lines 1 through 4, you get a fixed prize of 1,000 to 2,500 coins. If the combo forms on the 5th line, you win the progressive jackpot instead. As I mentioned above, you typically win over $20,000 if you trigger this jackpot. You can see its current value right below the paytable section which shows off the top jackpot combination.

The same Lotsaloot logo which is used to trigger the jackpots will be a wild as well. You will use this symbol as a way to form a combination, directly if it has three symbols on the same line, or indirectly if it simply contributes as a substitute. While used as a substitute, the wild applies its own multipliers, doubling the payout with one symbol, or quadrupling it with two.

Theme & Design

The game appears to be inspired by the Irish luck and the focus on the pot of gold mentioned in the legends. There is a rainbow going across the pot of gold, the logo being placed against it. The game logo, the 7 and three Bar logo icons make up the list of symbols.


The Lotsaloot slots are worth going after, mostly because of their progressive jackpot and the relatively low wagers needed to get it. The 3 reel game will be a good choice for players that prefer the classics.

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