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Lucky Charmer is a game that is considered a classic, thanks to the layout it has, with just 3 reels. The game has a design which is offered by Microgaming, a slot which is inspired by snake charmers, famous in India and loved by tourists that get there. The game’s rather basic design is not bound to inspire too many people, but there are a couple of interesting features inside, like the wild symbol or the bonus game. The 3 reels get 1 line, while payouts can potentially go up to $5,000.

Betting and Prizes

Lucky Charmer slot uses fixed value coins, at $1 each one, and the wager can have 1, 2 or 3 coins in its composition. You end up with wagers which range from $1 to $3, so it’s not as much of a range as it would be in other games. I’d recommend sticking with the 3 coin wager, since the best payouts come from it.

The big jackpot of Lucky Charmer is at 5,000 coins, or $5,000, offered in exchange for a 3 coin wager. Should the wager be at 2 coins, it will be a reward of up to 2,000 coins, or $2,000. The smallest jackpot value is 1,000 coins, when the wager uses 1 coin.

Lucky Charmer Slot Features

A rather limited wild symbol is in use in Lucky Charmer, being capable of substituting only for one symbol. The advantage is that the symbol it can substitute for is the one that can pay the big prize of the game. This symbol, which acts as a wild, is the one with the King Cobra, the yellow snake.

The Green Cobra is the symbol on which you can rely to get paid, forming combinations that can award up to 5,000 coins.

If the King Cobra happens to appear on the payline, a bonus game will trigger, one where you are taken to another screen. There, you will be shown a snake charmer, with three baskets and three flutes next to him. You pick one of the three flutes, and then you find out what your loot is, and what the other baskets contained.

Theme & Design

Lucky Charmer doesn’t have the most charming design, but then again I wouldn’t expect a classic slot machine to offer impressive graphics. The symbols include snake or fire/spicy related icons, plus some classics. The bar symbols are there, along with a red pepper, the fire 7 and the two snakes.


Lucky Charmer offers a bonus game, and that’s the part that is most unusual and interesting about it. It doesn’t have impressive graphics or payouts though.