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Lucky Stars is an astrology themed slot, one of quite a few such slot machines which exist out there. Being something that a lot of people believe in, Microgaming tries to take advantage of that fact, offering a game here which is inspired both by the signs of the Zodiac, and by the four elements, each one having its own representative among the symbols. It relies on scattered Wheels, wild symbols and a bonus game, while combinations will form on its 20 lines. A jackpot of $50,000 provides all the incentive you will need to play it.

Betting and Prizes

There is nothing unusual about the design of Lucky Stars. You have 20 lines, and for each one you may use a maximum of 20 coins. You decide each aspect of the wager, including the number of active paylines. Since coins will not go higher than $0.25 in value, the line bet can reach $5, with a maximum total bet capable of getting to $100.

Should the right combo of five symbols be formed, you can get a 10,000x prize, meaning as many as 200,000 coins, with a value of $50,000.

Lucky Stars Slot Features

The wild symbol gets the image of a planetary body, a perfectly polished sphere that appears to suggest a planet. This is the symbol that I mentioned above, as being capable of paying the slot’s biggest prize of 10,000x. To get some kind of payout directly from it, you need 2 or more such symbols arranged on their own line.

The other symbol has the Zodiac Wheel representing it. This would be the scatter, the second most used type of symbol in slot machines. The advantage would be the fact that it doesn’t matter where exactly you get these symbols, the payouts will come as long as you have a minimum of two. They can get up to 200x total bet value this way.

The Lucky Stars Feature requires the same scatter symbol, in 3+ locations anywhere on the slot’s reels. You start off with 7 free spins, plus a spin of the Zodiac Wheel with your choice of a Sign. If your chosen Sign comes up, you get a pick between a bonus game and a round with 15 free spins and 3x multipliers.

Should the bonus game be picked, you have to select five constellations, which will show you what prizes you won.

If you don’t get the Sign you selected from the bonus game, then you receive a consolation prize, of 10x the bet.

Theme & Design

The theme is not that special, I mentioned it before, being part of quite a few slots. The design is interesting, decent enough not to annoy the player, but not sufficiently good to make you play the slot because of it alone. Symbols give you four avatars that are elemental themed (fire, water, plants and earth), plus poker cards, the Zodiac wheel and a Planet.


Lucky Stars has for you the right prizes and interesting features. The design is good enough not to get in the way if you’re a fan of the theme.