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Mardi Gras is indeed a carnival themed slot machine, one which follows the famous Christian holiday that is celebrated in so many Christian countries around the world. There are carnivals that celebrate this holiday in the United States (New Orleans is a famous location there), Brazil, Italy, Colombia and Belgium, among others. Expect no features from it, it’s not that kind of classic slot machine. You get 3 reels, there is 1 active line, with the payouts reaching maximum values of $20,000.

Betting and Prizes

The game has an interesting system, which requires 1 to 3 coins, but which doesn’t give you the best paying symbols if you don’t use all the coins available to you. All the coins will cover the same 1 line. You can use a denomination between $0.25 and $5 for the coins, so the maximum bet will be set to $15.

The only way to get the best paying combo is through the use of 3 coins. If you land the right combo, of three pink 7s, you can get paid 4,000 coins, or $20,000.

Mardi Gras Slot Features

The only truly unusual part about this game is the way it allows you to form high paying combinations only if you wager with 3 coins. A 1 coin wager will allow you to form combos of 1 to 3 Bar icons. With 2 coins, you get the same symbols, but now they pay twice as much. With a 3 coin bet, in addition to those low paying symbols, you also get combinations formed out of pink or blue 7s. Three pink 7s will give you 4,000 coins, while three blue 7s will pay 1,000 coins. You always have to wager 3 coins in this game, if not the best you can win is 90 coins.

The game has no other features, not even a simple wild, being much closer to the true classics in that regard.

Theme & Design

Mardi Gras slot has a very interesting theme, one which is responsible for some of the most fun slot machines around. Inspired by the Mardi Gras holiday and by the carnivals which occur all over the world in its honor, it will offer only classic symbols on the reels, but it will have a background image with plenty of masked people that are celebrating.


Mardi Gras should be a fun experience for someone that’s not into games with lots of features. It will pay well enough, but if you’re using fewer than 3 coins you’re wasting your money.