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The name of this Microgaming slot, Mark of Medusa, comes from Ancient Greek mythology, whose legends mentioned a creature with the shape of a woman, and with snakes coming out of her head, instead of hair. She had the power to turn men into stone, if they looked at her. The game’s Ancient Greek connection is visible more than the Medusa angle though, using shields, pottery and soldiers, along with an appropriate background picture. The features of Mark of Medusa consist of substitutes, of scatters, free spins and 3x multipliers. You work with 25 lines here, and with the hopes of landing a top prize of $50,000.

Betting and Prizes

It’s the sort of game that will insist to use a large number of coins if you want to go near the maximum bet. You can have up to 500 coins in your wagers, 20 for each of the 25 lines, and you will take the maximum bet up to $125 with their help. The denomination of a coin will start at $0.01 and will be taken up to $0.25.

Since the game can pay very well, up to 200,000 coins, the jackpot is one of the strengths that it has. It’s a payout that is at 10,000x, a very good multiple to apply to a line bet in any slot. Its actual value will go up to $50,000.

Mark of Medusa Slot Features

We have Medusa herself in the main role, that of the symbol that can pay the biggest prize of 10,000x. To get paid that much, you simply need five Medusa symbols on the same line, but you can get some sort of prize with as little as one such symbol, as long as it starts from the left. This is also a wild symbol, one on which you can rely to help you get paid a lot better when it lands on the right payline.

The Pegasus, a horse with huge white wings, is another mythological creature that the slot uses for one of its major symbols. It’s the scatter this time, capable of appearing in any position, and without forming a regular combination still triggering a feature and a prize. The prize can be valued at up to 100 times the bet value.

When 3, 4 or 5 Pegasus scatters are present, the game will offer a feature which has 15, 20 or 25 spins for free, based on the number of triggering icons. The wins will be tripled for the duration of the free spins. With a bit of luck, you might even retrigger them.

Theme & Design

The slot has an appropriate design, for a game that is inspired by Ancient Greece. You see the fields of grain in the background, you see ancient temples, and on the reels there are images of Greek soldiers, of the Cerberus, of Medusa, Pegasus and of things like swords with shields, or pottery.


Mark of Medusa slot delivers the design you’d expect, nothing more, but it’s appropriate for it and it works very well. The features are interesting, with payouts that can go to high values, so you have good reasons to try the game out.