Mega Money Multiplier Slot Review

Mega Money Multiplier Slot Big Image

Those that love a good classic slot machine might want to check out Microgaming’s newest casino game, Mega Money Multiplier. It’s going to be a 3 reel title, but a special one, which manages to form a total of 9 pay lines with combinations on them each round, and which also has a bunch of multipliers for you to use, with values anywhere between 2x and 10x. The graphics are also a bit above average, even though you’re mostly getting the same classic icons as in every other game of this type. You will be able to win fairly large prizes thanks to its multipliers.

Betting and Prizes

Even though the bets that you’re using are placed on 9 lines, there doesn’t seem to be an option to change how many of them are active, or how many coins they’re getting individually. Instead, the slot will just let you pick the total number of coins and the value of those coins as well. You can go with a small bet if you want to, so it’s not a game just for high rollers. Most Microgaming slots are quite accessible to players actually.

Prize wise, I wouldn’t expect anything of huge value directly from the regular combinations that you can form. Instead, the game will rely on those 2x to 10x multipliers to make it worth your while. As a result, the regular wins should be on the small side. It can be quite exciting to get those multipliers though, and these classic titles with high potential rewards can be fun to play.

Mega Money Multiplier Slot Features

The slot has for its players multipliers that can be between 2x and 10x in value. These come with their own symbols, which need to be part of winning combinations in order to help out. They will also act as wild symbols, a necessary component of the role they fulfill. Their images are those of 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x logos, and they will be substitutes as long as they are on lines which have regular symbols as well.

There is a condition for those wilds to meet though, one that I’m not a big fan of. They are needed on the 2nd reel, the one from the middle, in order to be of any use to you. If they land anywhere else, they’re just occupying empty space and they actually stop other combinations from forming.

Theme & Design

The theme is the classic one, so there is nothing surprising or exciting about the game in this particular area. You can get symbols with Bar logos, with 7s and with the multipliers. That’s it for the graphics. It’s better polished than a typical 3 reel game, and so it might be more fun to play than a true classic, but it’s still a boring topic for a lot of players.

The design quality is good, I got nothing to complain about in this area. They did the best they could with the theme that they were given.


Mega Money Multiplier is a classic game which delivers big multipliers, a type of slot that we’ve seen many times before. It’s still exciting to play, if you can stand the classic theme that is.

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