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Mocha Orange video slot is a beautiful game, despite the fact that it is heavily based on the usual classic pub slot style. It’s a type of game that Microgaming offers in other cases as well, changing only the design from one slot to the next. In this case, we have a game with a focus on the orange, both as a color and as a fruit. The rest of the icons are classic ones, with an orange tint to them. The feature is the wild, combined with a multiplier. 3 reels exist, there is 1 active line, and you can win up to $8,000.

Betting and Prizes

Bets of 1 or 2 coins are possible, in both cases a single payline being on the receiving end. You decide how many coins, and you pick what their denomination is, as long as you stick to a range from $0.25 to $5. You can spend $10 per spin, no more.

When you have a 2 coin bet, during a round where you form a combo of three Orange symbols, you get paid 1,600 coins, and with the right denomination in place you can take home $8,000.

Mocha Orange Slot Features

The Orange symbol is the one you will rely on for most of the excitement in this game. As I mentioned above, you get the top jackpot from it, when you land three identical symbols of this type on the active line. It can mean 1,600 coins for a 2 coin bet, or 800 coins for a 1 coin bet.

The Orange is useful even if you don’t get it in all the positions. It is used in the role of the substitute, from where it can give you a 2x multiplier, applied to the prize it brought you. One wild needs two matching regular symbols on the same line in order to form a combo with them.

If you get two wilds on the line, plus a regular symbol as a third icon, the multiplier applied to the win is going to be at 4x.

Theme & Design

Mocha Orange has an interesting look, and I’d even call it attractive, especially when considering what kind of design a classic title will usually offer. You get the Orange in the main role, along with an orange 7, orange 1/2/3 Bar logos, and an orange Bell. The background picture is a bit more abstract, but looks very good.


Mocha Orange will give you a good design, but a very average everything else, so I would recommend it if you like this sort of game, but you want a decent look as well.