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Money Mad Monkey is a Microgaming release, one of their modern slot machines. The theme appears to be based on the idea of a monkey that escapes from the Zoo. It’s a money hungry primate, which is exactly what you’d expect to see in a slot machine. The location of the action is in the middle of a large city, a good location for money to be made. The Trail Climb Bonus, the Barrel Bonus, Free Spins, multipliers, scatters and a wild will deliver a more interesting experience, these being the features available in the game. You have 20 pay lines, arranged on 5 reels, with the big prizes offered reaching $10,000 in the base game.

Betting and Prizes

Though a wager can consist of as many as 200 coins, their value will only be from $0.01 to $0.10. You can spend up to $20 per spin, each line getting $1, made up of 10 coins.

You can get up to 100,000 coins from this game, while in the base game, with the right combo forming up. It’s a multiple of 10,000x, which can mean at most $10,000. Things get better during free spins, 8x multipliers being offered there and capable of taking the jackpot to $80,000.

Money Mad Monkey Slot Features

The most obvious feature worth talking about is the wild, since this is the one you need to form a combo, in order to get the jackpot of 10,000x. You also use it as a wild though, so it be quite helpful if you want to get more winning combinations as you continue to play the slot. Wilds replace all regular symbols, but not the scatters. Its image is that of the Banana.

The best time to win the top jackpot is during the free spins, which you trigger with 3 scattered Piles of Cash. You get three choices here, between 20 spins and 2x multipliers, 10 spins and 4x multipliers, or 5 spins with 8x multipliers.

Another scatter comes with the image of a Barrel of gold coins. You need 3, 4 or 5 Barrels scattered around, to get a chance to click on one of them and to win the prize hidden inside.

Finally, we get the Trail Climb, started up with help from 3 to 5 scatter symbols. You try to reach the top of the building, in order to grab the riches. You spin the dice and depending on what comes out, you advance on the trail.

Theme & Design

I’m not a huge fan of the design, being inspired by some sort of 90s arcade like look. You have a Zoo Keeper that resembles a Mario character, you have the Monkey, calculators, bananas and various forms of valuables.


Money Mad Monkey online slot has for you good features and very high payouts, and those are the characteristics that you should be focusing on in this case. The design will be the downside.