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Microgaming is behind Money Star, a slot that looks like a pub slot machine, but manages to be different than other similar titles. It involves special symbols, no classics, it has 3 reels and 1 payline to use each round, and it is nothing like a typical pub slot, though you clearly see the connection. It comes with things like nudges, win spins and holds, so it has different features as well. The game can pay up to $2,000.

Betting and Prizes

You’re working with 1 line, and so you only need 1 coin here. You don’t even get the option to select more coins for that wager, you just go with the denomination that you’re comfortable with in order to decide what the total bet is. The minimum value is $0.10, while the maximum is at $10.

The paytable indicates that it will give away up to 200 coins if the right combination should form. Given the maximum value possible for one coin, you can get up to $2,000 from this slot.

Money Star Slot Features

You will find no wild symbols in this game, it’s not that kind of classic title. Instead, a rarer collection of features is included, and I’d start with the win spins. These are offered when you have Golden Star symbols present on the line, and they are basically free spins with guaranteed wins.

Nudges are also mentioned among the features which are available in Money Star. This feature is used to move a reel by one position, up or down, so that a symbol can be bumped on the line, but only if some new combination can form as a result.

The Hold option is used through three buttons which are available at the bottom of the screen, and which will allow you to hold certain symbols that you want to use, while spinning the rest of the reels. If chosen correctly, you might get some new win out of it.

Theme & Design

The theme that is used here is not very clear. There are both star and money symbols on the reels, but not a lot of them. There are three symbols actually, including the red star, the gold coin and the gold star. The look is that of a pub slot, with a metallic theme and casing, which has the buttons at the bottom, a paytable on the right and a display in the middle.


Money Star shouldn’t attract too much attention, but if you’re after unusual Microgaming online slot, then it might satisfy that criteria.