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A Microgaming classic, Monkey’s Money slot will deliver a lot of things that you’d expect, and pretty much nothing that will surprise you. This is a regular 3 reel slot machine, the kind that has one basic feature and one symbol that is not a classic. The other symbols are all the type that will be found in lots of other games. The focus is on a monkey, dressed in a purple suit, grinning and holding a banana. It’s also a game with 3 reels, with 1 line and with a payout of $15,000.

Betting and Prizes

Two coins can be selected for the wager, but you can go with a single coin as well if you want to. The coin value is selected from within a range of $0.25 to $5, and you can spend at most $10 for one spin of Monkey’s Money.

The big payout will reach a value of 3,000 coins, which is what you win if you use 2 coins. The cash value would go up to $15,000. With 1 coin in the bet, the same combination of symbols will pay only 1,000 coins, so at most $5,000. In the case of the top jackpot, there is a clear advantage to using both coins in the bet.

Monkey's Money Slot Features

The Monkey symbol is the one that is responsible for offering the biggest prize available in this slot machine. All you need is for three Monkey icons to align themselves on the only payline available, and you will get a prize that is determined by the number of coins used in the bet.

The Monkey is the wild symbol at the same time, and so you may get its help from time to time, as a way to trigger some low paying combo. You can have one or two Monkey symbols on the line, and they will form a combo with whatever regular symbol appears in the other position(s).

Theme & Design

Apparently, the developer chose to go for the silly angle in this case. You have a very orange background, with a monkey that wears sunglasses and a purple suit. He’s holding a banana and he’s grinning at you. Overall, it’s not exactly a great look. The symbols start with the Monkey, continue with the 7, the three types of Bar logos and end with a banana icon.


Monkey’s Money isn’t something to be excited about, even if you usually have a preference for monkey themed slot machines.