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Monster Meteors seems to be an alien invasion themed slot machine, a game that offers an image of how such an event might occur, with the help of meteors that rain down on our planet, leaving fire streaks in the skies. The game has both scary alien monsters and human soldiers on its reels, but overall it doesn’t really look like a scary slot machine. It’s more of a cute game, one which includes bonus games, free spins, a wild symbol and a scatter among its features. There are 25 lines, along with the 5 reels that host them. You can end up with a prize of $5,000 here.

Betting and Prizes

Despite the fact that you can use up to 25 lines during each round, the wagers will not reach large values. They will go at most up to $1 for a single line, using a maximum of 10 coins that are worth $0.10 here. The minimum coin value will be at $0.01. You can spend $25 on one spin of Monster Meteors.

You can walk away with a decent top payout, at least based on what you can invest for a single spin. You can get $5,000 here, which would be a 5,000x multiple or 50,000 coins.

Monster Meteors Slot Features

Both feature symbols will have prizes to offer you, and they both give out about the same amount. The Soldier wild is first, forming combinations directly, of up to five symbols. It can pay 5,000x when it does this, but it can also be a substitute, just like in any other game. It doesn’t replace the Meteor scatter, but it will work in every other case.

The Meteor, a scattered symbol, will be seen appearing in all kinds of positions on the reels of the game. It will reward the player with its own prizes from those random locations, and with 2 to 5 Meteors you can get back 2x to 200x the wager value.

A Meteor Feature also exists, one which needs the player to land 3+ scatters on the reels. Should it be triggered, you start off with 5 free spins and a 3x multiplier, but then you also get a bonus game where you can win bigger multipliers, more free spins, or cash prizes. You have to zap three of the invading alien monsters in order to get paid, after which the free spins can begin.

Theme & Design

The symbols seem to focus mostly on the monster side, and less on the humans. You have the planet and the meteors that are coming down from above, you have a set of reels which are placed against a green material with monster’s tentacles coming out of it, and then there are the four symbols with monsters on them. Then we have a human soldier symbol, a meteor and poker cards with a monster inspired design.


Monster Meteors slot will give you the right design, a few very good features and prizes that will look at least decent, especially if obtained during free spins.