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Monster Wheels is a game that Microgaming has announced, which will come with a special theme, revolving around racing vehicles that are driven in a race by monsters from various stories. Among the memorable features of Monster Wheels, I would mention the use of either 128 or 288 ways to win, which is your choice, on 5 reels of variable size. The graphics aren’t the only ones worthy of attention here, since the game also includes scatters, free spins where the wins are multiplied by as much as 8x, plus wilds.

Betting and Prizes

You might have two different modes when it comes to the number of ways to win that are available, but the wagers seem to remain the same. You will be able to place a small wager, of less than $1 if you want to, but there will be the option to go much higher as well if you can afford it.

The prizes available in slots with ways to win are typically not very high, since the developers need to keep the average RTP down. However, in the case of Monster Wheels, I think that you will be satisfied with the potential of the prizes, particularly if you can get the 8x multiplier at the same time, through the free spins.

Monster Wheels Slot Features

One of the things that you will notice quickly is that the game doesn’t have a standard shape for its reels, and that they’re not going with the usual 243/1024 ways to win system either. Instead, they’re relying on 128 or 288 ways to win, and you’re the one deciding which of the two systems will be employed. There is a Switch Ways button at the bottom, which will let you decide that very aspect of the game. For 128 ways to win, you get the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels with 2 symbols each, while the 2nd and the 4th reels have 4 symbols. The mode with 288 ways to win has 4 symbols for the reels 1 and 5, 3 symbols for reels 2 and 4, and 2 symbols for reel 3.

The wild symbol is among the features that are offered by Monster Wheels. The slot uses this feature to improve the profitability of the game, since you’re going to have more winning combinations when it intervenes on your behalf.

The scatter symbols are even more important, since they’re going to give you free spins with multipliers. With three scatter symbols present in view during the same spin, the game delivers three options for you to choose from. You can go with 12 free spins that have 2x multipliers, with 6 spins and 4x multipliers, or with 3 spins where the multipliers are at 8x.

Theme & Design

The game’s theme is showing us a race, taking place between monsters that would be perfect for a Halloween event. They’re driving powerful cars, in a drag race to the finish line. Among the characters that are shown driving those race cars, you will find Frankenstein’s monster, a she-devil, Dracula, a mummy and a wolf. A few other symbols get logos from the game and jerry cans which are marked as scatters.


Monster Wheels looks like one of the games where Microgaming tries to innovate, and it does this mostly through the layout of the game, which can be changed at the player’s wish.