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Nashville7s video slot, though it does have some country influences in its design, remains a very classic game in most ways. You’re going to see a slot machine with a good mix of colors and graphics, but one which is still a 3 reel game that has no features whatsoever to offer. The theme is the classic one, with classic icons, but there is an influence in the background picture that is clearly country based. Don’t expect to find wild symbols here, or any other type of feature for that matter. You have 1 line on the 3 reels, while the big prize can get up to $12,500 only.

Betting and Prizes

The way many other slot machines do, Nashville 7s Microgaming slot will also allow for 1 to 3 coins to be part of the bet and to be used on only 1 payline. With the value of those coins ranging from $0.25 to $5, the bets you place can go as high as $15.

You will find that the wager of 3 coins has a very big advantage when it comes to the jackpot it can offer. With that bet, you can expect to win up to 2,500 coins, or $12,500, while with 2 coins you can win only 1,000 coins. The 1 coin wager returns up to 500 coins. This difference is visible only in the top jackpot, the other combinations returning a fixed amount per coin used.

Nashville 7's Slot Features

Some Microgaming video slots might have some kind of limited feature in place, but there is no such thing in Nashville 7s. You only get symbols that pay you for what they can offer directly, by being present on the payline. You get some symbols which can pay for mixed types of 7s or Bar icons, and there are cherries which pay even for only one or two symbols on the line, but none that can deliver more than that.

Theme & Design

Nashville7s seems to be a country themed game only if you check out its background picture. It’s red, it has dark horizontal lines going across it, and then there is the logo area, with its intricate decorations that surround the logo. The paytable is colored in yellow, blue and red, with the symbols being classics. There is the red 7, the blue 7, the red 3 Bar, the blue 2 Bar, the green 1 Bar and the cherry.


Nashville7s has only one argument going for it, its design. In all other areas, there are multiple slot machines that do things exactly as it does.