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Throughout the years Microgaming has produced lots of games for its clients. All the titles have are high-quality ones that don’t lack good graphics or interesting features. However, Microgaming has partnered with a few studios to produce new and creative slot games.

One such studio is Neko Games. The company has decided to revolutionize the online casino world by providing people with high-quality bingo games. Bingo is a sociable game that’s easy to learn and video bingo makes it more popular than ever.

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Microgaming announced its partnership with Neko Games on the 26th of May and to seal that agreement their jointly produced game called Super Snowball had been released on the same day. Since that day the company has added two more titles to its collection and those are Fu 88 and Pachinko.

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As mentioned before, bingo is a popular game which is why Neko Games want to make it even better. By providing players with slick bingo titles with interesting visuals and mechanics the company will change the way bingo is played.

There are many variants of bingo available online and the traditional Snowball bingo game serves as the inspiration for Super Snowball. This is a Brazilian styled game of bingo that comes with 90 balls. The more balls mean the more combinations to win and a bigger chance of winning.

In its essence, Super Snowball is a bingo game with a medium level of difficulty making it a game that can be enjoyed by all types of bingo players, from beginners to experts. The game also has a middle to a high level of volatility and comes with features such as free balls, mystery prizes, and a jackpot which will be activated once all 4 tickets are engaged in the game. A staggering amount of 4,000x of the bet makes up the jackpot amount. On the other hand, the mystery prizes can only be activated during the Extra Ball feature.


Super Snowball is a game with a neat design that seems a complicated one at first glance. On the top of the screen, players can see a set of scratch cards that show the winning combinations in the game and how much they pay. The jackpot amount is also displayed here.

Below that section is where the balls appear and a big slot right of them shows the current ball. The player has 4 tickets to play with and they fill out automatically whenever the player has a number or a pattern. Below that section is where the wins are displayed.

Finally, at the bottom of the screen, there is a table that displays the player’s balance and bet amount along with icons that let players adjust the game’s settings. Besides, players can enjoy this game on multiple platforms.


When it comes to the wagering limits Super Snowball has them set between $0.1 and $40.00. However, operators may also adjust their settings according to their needs.


Neko Games is one of the latest additions to Microgaming’s fold of studio partners. Their partnership has produced Super Snowball, a quality game in the video bingo world packed with good visuals and interesting features. With this game, the studio shows that it’s well on the way of producing more interesting bingo titles that will upgrade the game genre.