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As the name lets you know, this game is a multiplayer version of the No Worries slot machine. They’re both Microgaming slot machines, and they share the same graphics for the most part, but there are differences as well. The focus of the game is a laid back attitude and a phrase that you might hear over there, “No Worries, Mate” being the one. You will get wilds, you will have scatters and access to bonus games, plus 20 lines to play on, instead of the 9 lines of the regular version. The big payouts can get to 10,000 coins.

Betting and Prizes

Compared to the regular No Worries slot machine, this is actually a very cheap slot to play, even though the original wasn’t very expensive either. You can only spend $0.01 to $0.05 for one line, or up to $1 total for each spin, with all 20 lines covered.

The best payout that is advertised here will get you 10,000 coins, which is a pretty good return on an investment. The value for it wouldn’t go past $500, if the coin was set to $0.05.

No Worries – Multiplayer Slot Features

The game’s multiplayer aspect is a major part of the action. You enter a room, where you play this slot with other players doing the same thing. You have a leaderboard, a jackpot wheel, plus a chat area where you can talk with the others. Visually, the game is very similar to the previous slot, but the gameplay is quite different.

The big payout, which sits at 10,000 coins, comes from a wild symbol, its image being that of the slot’s logo. You have to arrange three, four or five such symbols on an active line, in order to get a prize from the wild directly. The other way to take advantage of it is to have it as a substitute that can replace regular symbols. It doesn’t replace scatters, nor is it expected to in 99% of the slot machines available right now.

The Boomerang is the scatter I was talking about, a symbol which will pay quite well, up to 250x the bet value, and it will do so without being with its symbols on the same line. It is sufficient that there are two or more present in order to get a prize from them.

No Worries Multiplayer also has something that it calls points, numbers which appear in the corner of the symbols on the reels. You need to trigger 3 to 5 points on a line, and the sum of those numbers will be the prize that you get from it.

The bonus game, which involves the Jackpot Wheel visible at the top, will give you a spin automatically and it can award a prize to all the players involved. The prize value depends on how many points you’ve collected so far.

Theme & Design

The Australian wildlife theme was excellently approached, with a cartoon design that makes the characters quite cute and fun to look at. You have inside all sorts of animals which are called by their Australian name, including the wallaby (a kangaroo), the koala, the platypus, the wombat and a bird.


It will not cost you much to play Multiplayer version of No Worries slot, even if you wanted to wager more, and you will get in return some exciting features and graphics. Its prizes are low though, a consequence of the maximum bet of $1.