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Off The Hook will be a fun slot for a fan of fishing. Created by Microgaming, it is a classic title, but one which has a modern theme, inspired by a fisherman’s frustrations. You see it in the background, and in some of the symbols, that this game was designed to be funny as well, not just as a way to make money. In plenty of ways it will be quite the classic title, but I’m glad to see that it offers something extra in other areas. The slot still manages to offer a wild with a multiplier attached to this symbol. The big payout will get you $40,000.

Betting and Prizes

The complete betting range allowed in Off The Hook will start at $0.25, but it can be taken up to $15. The wager can have 1, 2 or 3 coins, though all of them will be used for the same payline, the only one available. Once you’ve picked the number of coins, you can set their value as well, the minimum being at $0.25, while the maximum can be taken to $5.

For a player that tried out classic slots in the past, it shouldn’t come as a surprise the fact that the maximum wager will have a bigger prize than expected, with a bonus included when it comes to the top jackpot. It will offer 8,000 coins if the wager is at 3 coins, double what you would get from a 2 coin wager. The actual value could go up to $40,000.

Off the Hook Slot Features

As is quite often the case, Off The Hook has a single feature symbol, a wild that also takes the role of the symbol with the biggest payout to give. The prize it gives away is available through a combo of three Fish icons, on the payline and awarding up to 8,000 coins.

The other situations occur when you have a combination of regular and wild symbols that result in new combos. One of them is when you get two matching icons along with a wild, the resulting combo paying 2x the usual amount. The other possibility is to land two wilds with one regular icon, and for that combo the payout would be at 4x.

Theme & Design

The fishing theme I found rather charming, mostly because of the background image, which shows a fisherman that just caught a boot, a classic joke in cartoons and movies alike. Even some of the symbols look interesting, the grinning fish and the lure being the ones I enjoyed most. The others are either with berries or with stacked Bar logos.


Off The Hook is a pretty good game, one of the few classics that I would return to, but then again I love fishing myself. If you’re in the target audience as well, I’d recommend you spin its reels a few times and see how it goes.